Filming locations used in The Lovers

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Set in Belfast, discover the real locations used in the Sky Original series, The Lovers.
The Lovers is set in Belfast, with most of the locations being real places you can visit. To find out all the juicy details that go into choosing filming locations and the importance of filming in Belfast, Sky spoke to Scott Houston the Location Manager for The Lovers to find out more.

East Belfast

When Sky caught up with Scott, he was on location in the centre of East Belfast by the shipyards. Scott notes “If you just look across the road there to the shipyards, you can see into the past. The shipyards are where many people from here worked. And then you go to the other side of the road and you see the bakery where people bought their bread. So this was a real industrial part of Belfast.”.

Scott speaks of the importance of showing off East Belfast in The Lovers and how the experience has been “a privilege”. Having lived in East Belfast for 15 years, Scott revealed that “It’s a fantastic place to film. Belfast, Antrim, Derry, anywhere in Northern Ireland – I’m always very proud to show off these places because it’s where I’m from”.


One of the areas of East Belfast where The Lovers was filmed is the seaside village of Whitehead. Only a short drive from Belfast, Whitehead is nestled between cliffs with colourful properties lining the seafront. Filming in this area was a great source of pride for Scott, who said “I’m very proud of the fact that we’re showing off the seaside village of Whitehead in this series as well. It’s a fantastic place to film.”

Filming in Belfast

Filming The Lovers in Belfast was an opportunity to show viewers the beauty of the area and offer an insight into the lives of people in Belfast.

When asked what positive aspects of Belfast are shown in The Lovers, Scott said “There is always more to what people tell you in the news. There are always other things going on. People’s lives are all very intricate, very different. The Lovers shows how people actually live here. They just live normal lives. Everything else might be painted on around them, and they might have different little escapades and all the rest of it, but everybody’s fairly normal. Nobody’s any different here than they are anywhere else. They might believe one thing or another thing, but they are normal, ordinary people who fall in love and have fights with their boyfriends and cheat and all the rest of it. It’s just lovely to have a well-written story like that being set and filmed in East Belfast”

So, what are you waiting for? Book that trip to Belfast and take in the sights. And if you need more encouragement, we’ll leave you with these words from Scott: “Come and visit us. We are a friendly bunch. We are good for a pint. We like a wee beer and a wee dram.”

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