The Lovers

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Foul-mouthed supermarket worker, Janet (Roisin Gallagher) meets urbane, political broadcaster Seamus (Johnny Flynn) in this Sky Original comedy-drama. They instantly clash – and yet somehow they find themselves puzzlingly drawn to one another.

About The Lovers

Janet is a foul-mouthed, hilarious, Belfast supermarket worker who couldn’t give a shit about anything much at all, not least her own life. Seamus is an urbane, political broadcaster with what looks to be a perfect London life and a celebrity girlfriend. So when Seamus unexpectedly drops into Janet’s world (literally over her wall and into her back garden) they understandably get off on the wrong foot. But somehow they find themselves puzzlingly drawn to one another. These are two people who seem totally and utterly wrong for each other – they’re the type their mothers warned them about, after all. But what if they are actually totally and utterly right together? This is not a story of opposites attracting. This is a story of two divided people with very different backgrounds and backstories coming together. Alice Eve and Conleth Hill also both star.

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What is the release date for The Lovers?

The Lovers was released on 7 September 2023, with all episodes available to watch now on Sky Atlantic. But if you prefer watching TV on a weekly basis, then fear not as each episode will be airing on Sky Atlantic at 9pm every Thursday until 12 October.

Where can I watch The Lovers?

The Lovers is available to watch on Sky Atlantic. The Lovers is not available to watch on Netflix and can only be watched on Sky in the UK.

How many episodes is The Lovers?

The Lovers is six episodes long… plenty for you to get your teeth stuck into!

Reviews and Ratings

The Lovers has been a hit, with positive reviews flooding in the day the first episode dropped. Here are some lovely things people have said about it:

Evening Standard ★★★★★ – “The Lovers is exactly what you could hope for in a romantic comedy – it has laughs, darkness, and undeniable charm.” – Read the full review here >

Heat ★★★★★ – “The kind of intoxicating show that lodges itself under your skin and you can’t stop thinking about it afterwards.”

Financial Times ★★★★ – “It finds humour in despair, giddy innocence in adultery and touches of joy and melancholy in unsentimental banter” – Read the full review here >

The Times ★★★★ – “It’s very nicely done” – Read the full review here >

Daily Mail ★★★★ – “Darkly funny”

The Lovers available now on Sky Atlantic and NOW

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