Sky Broadband for Gaming

To game like the best, you have to have the ultimate connection. Enhance your online gaming experience with broadband that powers the pros.

Whether you’re a single player, multiplayer or streamer – we have a broadband package for you​

Sky Broadband Speeds

Different online gaming experiences require different broadband speeds. Find out which broadband speed is best for the games you want to play.

Ideal for online gaming on consoles and PCs
average speed 61 megabits per second
Full Fibre 100
Ideal for streaming, gaming and working from home​
average speed 100 megabits per second
Ideal for competitive online gaming and live streaming
average speed 145 megabits per second
Ultrafast +
Ideal for gamers in busy, online homes who need a strong, reliable connection​
average speed 500 megabits per second
Ideal for hardcore gamers who want the fastest, ultimate connection even when the whole house is online
average speed 900 megabits per second

18 month minimum term. Includes Sky Talk Pay As You Go. Phone services for Gigafast are provided via Internet Calls. Standard prices may vary. £0 set-up. Availability to UK homes: Fibre 100 39%, Ultrafast 41%, Ultrafast Plus and Gigafast 35%.​​

Introducing the Sky Broadband Sweat Room, powered by Sky Full Fibre

Watch as gamers go head-to-head in the hottest Street Fighter competition of the year, where they won’t just be sweating it out in game but in a heated sauna reaching 150​°F.

Find out who is crowned the Sky Broadband Sweat Room champion and the newest pro player of Guild Esports Street Fighter roster here.

Enhance your gaming experience with Sky's fastest speeds on the UK’s most reliable technology.

Ultra-reliable Full Fibre broadband

Take your gaming to the next level on the UK’s most reliable broadband technology​

Game Changing Speeds

Our next generation Full Fibre broadband gives you the edge, with speeds up to 900 Mb/s – that’s 25x faster than our standard fibre​

Speed Guarantee

Get the faster speeds we promised, or money back. So you can keep battling your enemies not your broadband

Low latency

Our Full Fibre broadband delivers low latency, giving you the edge in multiplayer gaming

The Sky-T Help Desk

Here to provide simple answers to your top broadband queries.

Introducing Sky Broadband’s Path to Pro featuring David Beckham

Watch our 3-part series where we look at the path to becoming a pro gamer. This series, featuring David Beckham, takes us on the journey of 3 Guild Esports players from getting started to life as a pro gamer.

Follow Ben ‘BRIGARMY7’ Brigdale, Ruby ‘Rubyplays’ Allenby and Assad ‘Suleymon’ Suliman on their path to becoming pro gamers all powered by Sky Full Fibre.

Watch Episode 1: Getting Started
Watch Episode 2: From Streaming to Big Wins
Watch Episode 3: Life as a Pro

Sky Broadband stands with women in gaming. #NoRoomForAbuse​

Watch our film here

For more information about our campaign visit here

Equip yourself with everything you need to stay safe online and support women gamers here

The Reality

3 out of 4 women under 25 experience abuse while gaming online.

Become an Ally

Stand with women in gaming by sharing our film and completing our educational resources.

Equal Opportunities

We’re committed to providing greater opportunities for women in esports and creating a safe space for all gamers at the Sky Guild Gaming Centre.

To get started, check what broadband and gaming packages are available in your area.

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