The Last of Us

Available 16 January

Based on the multi-award-winning PlayStation videogame, a new series from makers HBO breathes new life into the post-apocalyptic genre, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

About The Last of Us

On September 26th, 2003, a deadly parasitic virus sweeps across the globe, turning normal people into violent monsters. Governments collapse, millions die, and the military sweeps in to take control.

The same night, a Texan contract worker, Joel (Pedro Pascal) is celebrating his 36th birthday with his younger veteran brother, Tommy (Gabriel Luna) and teenage daughter, Sarah (Nico Parker). In the chaos of the outbreak, Joel’s life is changed forever.

Twenty-years later, humanity has survived against the odds. Joel has found a new life in the Boston quarantine zone (QZ). Alongside his partner Tess (Anna Torv), Joel has set up a successful and profitable operation, smuggling medical supplies and arms in and out of the QZ. Their biggest clients are on opposing sides. First, there’s the military regime who rule by martial law. Then there are the Fireflies, freedom fighters led by Marlene (Merle Dandridge), who have grown frustrated with the military oppression.

When a simple deal turns bad, Joel finds himself responsible for the care of 14-year-old Ellie, whom Marlene has been holding captive, and who might hold the cure to the world’s woes.

With Tess alongside, Joel and Ellie set out on a perilous journey from Boston to Salt Lake City, where they must learn to trust one another if they are to survive, facing off with human scavengers and the infected.

Like the video game, be prepared for a heart-rending tale of love and loss.

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