Activating your SIM

Let's get you up and running. This will only take a few minutes.

Switching from a different provider? If you’ve got a PAC or STAC from your old provider, you can give us this at the same time. If you don't have it yet, you can always sort this later. What's a PAC or STAC?

Set up your SIM

You'll need your Primary Sky iD and Sky SIM activation code (this is on the SIM pack we sent you).

Activate your SIM

Got an extra SIM? We might send an extra SIM with your order. Don't worry, it's just a spare and it doesn't matter which one you activate.

Activating more than one SIM? Just choose the plan you want to link to each SIM.

Top tip: If you’ve already put your new SIM in your device, once you’ve activated it, just make sure you turn your device off and back on again to get it to work.

We'll text you when it's done and to let you know your new number. This will only be a temporary number if you're transferring your current number.

Activating your SIM should only take a few minutes.

Switching from a different provider

If you're transferring your number and/or cancelling your old services at the same time, it depends on when you submit your PAC or STAC.

PAC / STAC submitted:

  • Before 5pm Monday - Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) - your switch over will be the next working day (up to 5pm)
  • After 5pm, or on Saturday or Sunday - your switch over will be in 2 working days (up to 5pm)

We'll email and text you when it's done. But it can still take up to 5pm on the day of the transfer for everything to fully switch over.

After the number transfer, things like voicemail and picture messaging can take up to 24 hours to work.

Reminder: Until you submit your PAC or STAC your services will carry on with your old provider.

Your first bill is issued on the same day that you activate your first SIM.

Your first bill payment will be due 3 days later (or up to 10 days later if you’re paying by Direct Debit). Find out more about your first bill.

Any monthly device payments will start after your device has been delivered, so might not show until a later bill.

Help video: How to activate your SIM

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