Temple 2

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Temple is back and this time, Daniel is in even deeper trouble.

About Temple: Series 2

In the first series, Daniel just about kept the plates in the air as he looked after his wife, Beth, in an illicit clinic underneath Temple tube station. But now everything comes crashing down as Beth wakes from her coma and demands answers. Eve wants to know why her parents have been lying to her, Lee joins forces with a charismatic activist and Anna is desperate to make something positive out of the situation.

Amongst the new arrivals for Series 2 are dubious and deeply unpredictable underworld fixer Gubby, played by BAFTA-winner Rhys Ifans and his poetic but frequently inebriated medical assistant, Dermot, played by Michael Smiley. Also joining are BIFA-winner Ruthxjiah Bellenea , Mandeep Dhillon, Jamie Michie, Will Keen and Bafta winner Gbemisola Ikumelo.

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The characters

Meet the cast of Temple

Daniel Milton

Mark Strong

A respected surgeon and family man, Daniel is left adrift when his comfortable life is shattered by tragic events. The underground clinic offers a chance for him to try and pull the pieces back together and regain what he has lost. However, he soon comes to realise that the hubris and recklessness that drove him down into this murky underworld may ultimately be what stops him from being able to come back.

Lee Simmons

Daniel Mays

Lonesome and somewhat of an outcast, Lee believes that society perpetually teeters on the brink of collapse, and to prepare for anything less is just irresponsible. For him, the underground clinic is not only an ambitious ideological project, but also one that gives his uninspiring life the direction, authority, and respect for which he’s always longed.

Anna Willems

Carice Van Houten

An experienced medical researcher, Anna has practical knowledge that Daniel doesn’t when it comes to applied science and the development of new medical treatments. So when Daniel, who is also her former lover, reveals the existence of the underground clinic and what he has been up to down there, the logical reaction should be to run a mile. However, she once again finds herself inexplicably drawn to him and the trouble that he represents.

Jamie Harris

Tobi King Bakare

Sweet, caring and uncomplicated, Jamie is a young man just trying to work out how to do right by his girlfriend and provide for their unborn baby. Unfortunately, his solution is to get involved with a daring bank robbery; one that goes very wrong and leaves Jamie on the run with two million pounds in stolen cash, a bullet in his stomach, and a dire need for medical attention.

Eve Milton

Lily Newmark

The only child of Daniel and Beth, Eve has eschewed their scientific influence by pursuing English and drama at university. She is very close to her mother and naturally devastated when she eventually discovers Beth’s terminal illness. Her relationship with her father is more complicated. With two successful parents, Eve has had to be strong and ambitious herself; she is popular, opinionated and occasionally volatile, making her more than a match for them.

Mercy King

Wunmi Mosaku

Married young to Emmanuel King, a criminal of some stature and notoriety, Mercy is fiercely protective of her son, Sebastian, dedicated to him to an unhealthy degree as both were survivors of Emmanuel’s abusive and tyrannical rule at home. After Emmanuel’s death (in which Mercy played a hand), Mercy took on some of his criminal rackets, running them with her muscle and new beau, Keith, until they broke up due to Sebastian’s disapproval.

Keith Sullivan

Craig Parkinson

When we first meet Keith in Episode 3, he’s teaching a women’s self-defence class, having put a life of violent crime behind him. However, when his former lover Mercy calls him back into action to help her son, he cannot resist; he still holds a torch for her after all these years.

Episode guide

Series 1

Series 1

Episode 1

Daniel Milton is a highly respected surgeon. Life has gone to plan so far; he has a lovely house in London and perfect family with his scientist wife Beth and daughter Eve. But there is a ticking bomb within his comfortable world, Beth has been hiding the fact she is critically ill. Daniel’s desperate grief is made more acute by his fury towards the medical establishment which he feels abandoned them both. So when he receives a call from a former patient - doomsday prepper, Lee Simmons – begging him to perform emergency surgery on a wanted fugitive, he quickly becomes drawn in. Led by Lee to an improvised clinic deep beneath London’s Temple tube station, Daniel seizes the opportunity to play by his own rules.

Episode 2

Now complicit in harbouring Britain’s most wanted man, bank-robber Jamie Harris, and with Lee keen to turn their newly established underground clinic into a going concern, Daniel begins leading a double-life: respected doctor above ground, maverick surgeon below. His motivation for doing so becomes clearer as we unpack his past and learn how Beth’s illness affected him. But when Daniel is forced to put Beth’s former colleague, Anna, into an impossible position, the secrecy of the underground clinic is put in jeopardy. Anna is horrified by Daniel – he’s both literally and metaphorically become part of London’s criminal underworld - but when Daniel reveals what he’s trying to achieve, she is moved to become his unexpected ally.

Episode 3

As the parameters of the clinic expand, a dysfunctional underground family begins to form. However, the perils of dealing with the capital’s most dangerous people creates its own problems, while Detectives Hall and Moloney, and vengeful criminals Mercy and Keith, have both begun their hunts for Jamie and the stolen money. As his moral compass spins, Daniel finds himself travelling a long way from the man he thought he was.

Episode 4

Working closely together deep underground, striving to save someone they both care about, complex feelings threaten to re-emerge between Daniel and Anna. Daniel’s image of himself as an upstanding surgeon and loving husband is challenged on all fronts. Just what is motivating his risk taking grows murkier. Meanwhile an over-sentimental and love-struck Lee, buzzing from reconnecting with an old friend Celine, takes a massive risk for Jamie that endangers them all.

Episode 5

Daniel’s descent reaches new depths when he’s forced to enter the dark and dangerous world of black-market organ-trading to save a patient, only for a chance encounter to scupper everything. Meanwhile, the naïve Jamie contacts his pregnant girlfriend Michelle just as both the police and the gangsters are closing in.

Episode 6

With the pressure mounting, relationships begin to fracture both above and below ground. Lee is left heart-broken by Céline, Hall and Moloney make a massive breakthrough in tracking down Jamie, and with Daniel’s patient seemingly doomed he’s left to face the ultimate question: just how far will you go for someone you love?

Episode 7

On the very day he receives a professional accolade above ground, below ground Daniel crosses a line he can never return from. It blows apart his relationship with the appalled Lee who decides to bring the underground clinic – and their arrangement – to an abrupt end. However, with hostile forces converging on them from all sides, it may prove to be too late.

Episode 8

Despite their personal relationships being in tatters, Daniel, Lee and Anna have to join forces when Mercy and Keith track them down. Jamie is lured from the clinic and chased through the streets of London by the wily Hall and Moloney, while Daniel, Lee and Anna are forced to discover just how far they’re prepared to go to save themselves.

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