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Tina is the ultimate celebration of a global superstar and an intimate portrait of a woman who overcame extreme adversity to define her career, her identity and her legacy on her own terms.

Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein's Shadow

The docu-series investigates the powerful, connected, and mysterious Ghislaine Maxwell, who was once the heiress to the Maxwell fortune but whose life is rocked by a series of scandals and accusations when she meets Jeffrey Epstein, the serial sex offender.

Liverpool Narcos

Some of the biggest criminal players come forward to help tell the story of the 1980s drug boom that turned drug dealing into a billion-pound business and changed Britain forever.

Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes

The story of Chernobyl told through a newly discovered hoard of dramatic footage filmed at the nuclear plant during the disaster and deeply personal interviews of those who were there, directed by Emmy Award-winner and Russian-speaker James Jones.

Devil's Advocate

The Devil’s Advocate tells the epic, stranger-than-fiction tale of flamboyant international movie mogul and businessman turned criminal defence lawyer, Giovanni di Stefano who came to represent some of the most famous criminals, including Harold Shipman and Saddam Hussein.

Mother Teresa: For the Love of God?

Mother Teresa: For the Love of God? takes viewers on a remarkable ride through the twists and turns of an improbable life, revealing the extraordinary truth about one of the most recognised yet enigmatic, controversial, and complex figures in contemporary history.

The Man Who Bought Cricket

In 2008, a Texan billionaire called Allen Stanford flew into Lord’s cricket ground carrying $20 million in cash. He was to revitalise the game, attracting new fans from around the globe. This tale of sex, crime and cricket, ends with Stanford being sent to prison for 110 years, having stolen $7 billion dollars running the 2nd biggest Ponzi scheme of all time.

Super Greed

At the height of the Covid pandemic in April 2021, owners and executives of the 12 most powerful clubs in world football attempted a bullish and brazen power grab. Years of secret talks culminated in a seismic late-night announcement - these dozen rivals were joining forces and breaking away from centuries of sporting tradition to launch a brand-new competition.


Premiering on World AIDS Day, Positive is a three-part series that uses intimate testimony from some of the earliest HIV patients and real-life heroes to tell the tragedies and triumphs of Britain’s 40-year battle with HIV.

Queen of Speed

Queen of Speed tells the incredible story of French rally driver Michèle Mouton's battle to rise to the top of the male-dominated world of rallying in the 70s and 80s.

Michael X: Hustler, Revolutionary, Outlaw

With insider testimony from those who knew him and unseen archive footage, Michael X: Hustler, Revolutionary, Outlaw provides a chance to re-evaluate this divisive historical figure who spent the end of his days on death row until he was eventually executed by signed order of the Queen.

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