Prodigal Son

Malcolm Bright has a gift. He knows how killers think and how their minds work. Why? His father is "The Surgeon", a notorious serial killer who has taken the lives of more than 20 people.

About Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son follows criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright as he uses his twisted genius to get inside the minds of murderers to help the NYPD solve cases, with his best resource for solving crimes being his dear old dad, the homicidal-yet-oddly-loving Martin Whitly, whose expertise he must reluctantly call upon. As Bright helps track down the city's most dangerous criminals, he also battles his own demons — and it doesn't help that his mother, former leading socialite Jessica Whitly, can't seem to accept her fallen status and has an opinion on every aspect of Bright's life. Luckily for Bright, he has the support of his annoyingly normal sister Ainsley, a news reporter with a soft spot for her brother and all his eccentricities. After all, Bright isn't a serial killer — he was just raised by one.

From Emmy Award-nominated executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, Prodigal Son is a fresh take on a crime franchise, with a provocative and outrageous lead character underpinned by a darkly comedic tone. The series stars Tom Payne, Michael Sheen, Bellamy Young, Lou Diamond Phillips, Halston Sage, Aurora Perrineau, Frank Harts and Keiko Agena.

TV & Satellite Week - 'Silence of the Lambs meets Mindhunter’
i - 'Instantly addictive’
Daily Mirror - 'Unmissable viewing’

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