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Narrated by Tom Hardy, this compelling new nature series sees five predators face the ultimate test to survive as their rapidly changing world impacts both their own lives and that of the wild kingdoms over which they rule. Those who once dominated are now being challenged. Territories are being redrawn and new alliances forged.

About Predators

In this ever-shifting landscape, each predator must overcome new challenges and grasp new opportunities. For Polar Bears in Canada, Wild Dogs in Zimbabwe, Puma in Chile, Lions in Botswana, and Cheetahs in Tanzania, this is the ultimate power struggle. The stakes have never been higher - who will win and who will lose?

We follow the stories of these five apex predators at a critical moment in their lives as they attempt to secure the future for the next generation. Grappling with multiple responsibilities these are deadly hunters, caring parents, and cunning survivors who hold secrets and thrilling stories in their quest to survive.

Transporting the viewer to stunning locations around the world, state of the art camera technology will reveal the predators’ lives in intimate detail and immerse viewers in their complex worlds. A cast of supporting animal characters, share these predators’ kingdoms and tensions run high as their relationships and power struggles dramatically change along with the world around them.

All episodes available now.

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Episode guide

Episode 1 - Cheetah

In the southern plains of Africa’s Serengeti, a notorious brotherhood of cheetahs – Luka and Kovu – hold their hard-fought territory. But when a raging bushfire destroys their prized hunting ground and drives them into exile, they must draw on all their cunning and camaraderie to survive and secure a new home.

Episode 2 - Polar Bear

On the shores of Canada's Hudson Bay, a unique community of polar bears dominate the frozen wilderness. Every year hunger drives these bears to take on an epic journey that follows the freezing and melting of the sea ice as they go in search of their prey of choice, seals.

Episode 3 - Lion

In the Okavango Delta, young lioness Nikki is experiencing the pain of loss. Her tiny cubs, less than 3-months-old, are gone, most likely killed by a passing leopard. But there’s no time to grieve. The Matata Pride hold one of the most desirable territories in the area. But it comes at a cost.

Episode 4 - Puma

In the remote mountains of Patagonia, in South America, puma numbers are booming and Rupestre, an adult female, has just six months to teach her four cubs everything they need to survive as their world becomes increasingly competitive. As the two cubs grow stronger and wiser, Rupestre is faced with making a difficult decision. When will they be ready to face adulthood alone?

Episode 5 - Wild Dogs

In the remote and northern reaches of Zimbabwe, an African wild dog puppy, Ghost, is born into a family of wild dogs. Her mother is Violet, the dominant female within this pack. Despite being an exceptional huntress, Violet is still young and inexperienced, and most of her previous litters haven't survived. Now is the time for her to learn from her previous mistakes.

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