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Narrated by Tom Hardy, this compelling new nature series sees five predators face the ultimate test to survive as their rapidly changing world impacts both their own lives and that of the wild kingdoms over which they rule. Those who once dominated are now being challenged. Territories are being redrawn and new alliances forged.

About Predators

In this ever-shifting landscape, each predator must overcome new challenges and grasp new opportunities. For Polar Bears in Canada, Wild Dogs in Zimbabwe, Puma in Chile, Lions in Botswana, and Cheetahs in Tanzania, this is the ultimate power struggle. The stakes have never been higher - who will win and who will lose?

We follow the stories of these five apex predators at a critical moment in their lives as they attempt to secure the future for the next generation. Grappling with multiple responsibilities these are deadly hunters, caring parents, and cunning survivors who hold secrets and thrilling stories in their quest to survive.

Transporting the viewer to stunning locations around the world, state of the art camera technology will reveal the predators’ lives in intimate detail and immerse viewers in their complex worlds. A cast of supporting animal characters, share these predators’ kingdoms and tensions run high as their relationships and power struggles dramatically change along with the world around them.

All episodes available now.

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