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From the fringes of outer space to the depths of human emotion, Intergalactic is a drama set in space, but with its feet firmly on the ground.

About Intergalactic

Written by award-winning showrunner, Julie Gearey (Prisoners’ Wives, Cuffs, Secret Diary of a Call Girl), the series tells the story of fearless young cop and galactic pilot, Ash Harper (Savannah Steyn), who has her glittering career ripped away from her after being wrongly convicted of a treasonous crime and exiled to a distant prison colony. But on the way there, Ash’s fellow convicts stage a mutiny and seize control of their prison transfer ship. With the flight crew dead, mob leader Tula Quik (Sharon Duncan-Brewster), is intent on reaching the free world – Arcadia – with her gang; and Ash is the only pilot who can get them there. Ash is forced to join them on the run towards a distant galaxy and an uncertain future.

This high-octane drama also stars Eleanor Tomlinson, Thomas Turgoose, Natasha O’Keeffe, Oliver Coopersmith, Imogen Daines, new comer Diany Samba-Bandza, Parminder Nagra and Craig Parkinson.

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The characters

Meet the cast of Intergalactic

Ash Harper

Savannah Steyn

Rebecca Harper

Parminder Nagra

Tula Quik

Sharon Duncan-Brewster

Genevieve Quik

Diany Samba-Bandza

Dr. Emma Grieves

Natasha O'Keeffe

Drew Bunchanon

Thomas Turgoose

Candy Skov-King

Eleanor Tomlinson

Verona Flores

Imogen Daines

Echo Nantu-Rose

Oliver Coopersmith

Dr. Lee

Craig Parkinson

Yann Harper

Hakeem Kae-Kazim

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