Massimo Ruggero and Dominic Morgan reappear in this new season of Devils in which the future of NYL is at stake as new Chinese investors enter the picture.

About Devils

2016, Brexit is just around the corner and Trump is fiercely striving to be elected President of the United States. It’s been 4 years since Massimo Ruggero successfully thwarted Dominic Morgan's plan against the Euro and despite paying a high personal price, Massimo has decided to remain CEO of NYL. Increasingly challenged by the board, Massimo has decided to pursue a policy of pro-Chinese acquisitions, bringing in new investors and team members from China. But it is his old mentor Dominic Morgan who reappears and warns him: the new Chinese partners are ready to betray him to wage a silent war between China and the US for the technological control of the data of millions of people. Massimo will have to team up with Dominic if he wants to fight on the right side. Who should Massimo believe? A question that, between social media platforms, Bitcoins and 5G, will take him up to 2020: in the midst of the global pandemic, Massimo will finally have to choose which side to take.

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The characters

Meet the cast of Devils

Massimo Ruggero

Alessandro Borghi

Dominic Morgan

Patrick Dempsey

Sofia Flores

Laia Costa

Oliver Harris

Malachi Kirby

Paul McGuinnan

Harry Michell

Kalim Chowdhry

Paul Chowdhry

Eleanor Bourg

Pia Mechler

Nina Morgan

Kasia Smutniak

Daniel Duval

Lars Mikkelsen

Vicky Bale

Lorna Brown

Carrie Price

Sallie Harmsen

Episode guide

Series 1

Series 1

Episode 1

Head of Trading Massimo Ruggero makes NYL bank millions in the hope of getting the Vice-CEO position. However, CEO Dominic Morgan denies him the promotion.

Episode 2

Feeling betrayed, Massimo devises a plan, but finds that Dominic is hiding something. After deciding to stay, Massimo has to cope with a painful event.

Episode 3

Massimo tries determine if Dominic is secretly handling business for Gaddafi. Meanwhile, detective Vicky Bale suspects that Massimo may be involved in his colleague's death.

Episode 4

Massimo's traders disobey his orders, falling into a trap set by Dominic. The investigation is shut down by an order from on high.

Episode 5

Dominic asks Massimo for help in finding his wife, Nina. Later, Dominic reveals he can no longer trust him and Massimo is suspended.

Episode 6

Massimo makes a deal with Vicky but later aborts his plans. Meanwhile, Sofia steals the secret dossier and brings it to Massimo.

Episode 7

Massimo discovers the contents of the secret dossier. Suspecting the details led to his colleague's death, he now fears for his own life.

Episode 8

Massimo looks to resolve some personal issues related to a terrible accident in his past. Meanwhile, Duval steals the dossier.

Episode 9

Determined to stop Dominic, Massimo and Sofia hack NYL's servers. But can they stop Duval using the scandal to his own advantage?

Episode 10

Massimo looks to use the dossier to finally stop Dominic. Sofia discovers the truth about her brother's death.

Series 2

Series 2

Episode 1

2016. As CEO of NYL, Massimo Ruggero has brought Chinese investors onto the board, and with his new Head of Trading, Wu Zhi, need to win big on the Brexit referendum. But Dominic Morgan founds a SPAC aimed to acquire tech companies that the Chinese are targeting, and, after hiring a brilliant odd young woman, Nadya, he warns Massimo about the Chinese: a new geo-political data war between China and the West has begun. Will Massimo believe him?

Episode 2

Massimo and his team vow to discover the truth about Brexit’s tragic aftermath. While trying to convince Massimo that the Chinese are behind it, Dominic tries to stop NYL and its Chief Strategy Officer, Cheng Liwei, from acquiring a social media app, another pawn in the data war. Massimo also starts uncovering evidence about a secret Chinese surveillance programme through data trafficking. Meanwhile, Dominic visits an unlikely ally…

Episode 3

Finally convinced by Dominic, Massimo’s suspicions over Wu Zhi and Liwei are growing and as a result, he helps Dominic sabotage a deal of huge strategic importance to NYL’s Chinese investors. Oliver discovers that someone has sabotaged his chance of a future outside NYL and his friendship with Massimo suffers the consequences. Eventually, a secret emerges that puts Massimo’s position in NYL at risk. Will he still have a future there?

Episode 4

The battle lines are drawn between NYL and Dominic’s new company – with former colleagues and friends pitted against one another. At stake is ownership of a major social media company – but also a huge nuclear energy deal involving the Chinese. Massimo continues to seek the truth about Brexit – but by uncovering a suspicious death related to the polling company, he attracts the attention of the men responsible for the murder.

Episode 5

An accident outside a private Mayfair bank creates a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the creator of Bitcoin. It is a race against time between Dominic and the Chinese, with Massimo caught in the middle and beginning to question the decisions he has made until now: is Dominic actually the one behind everything? And now that every move he makes is being surveilled, will he lead the killers straight to the evidence they are searching for?

Episode 6

Now knowing that he is a target, Massimo is desperate to retrieve the evidence that has been stolen from him. He comes up with a new plan to protect Europe and its citizens, offering a ‘third way’– assuring neither China nor the United States will win the data war. Help comes from an unlikely source who is prepared to betray Dominic, but Wu Zhi gives Massimo some news that will change everything.

Episode 7

It’s the final confrontation in the data war. Massimo has to finalise a radical new 5G deal with the EU and reveal irrefutable proof of the truths he has learnt about the threat to democracy, all without being discovered by his enemies. But is it already too late? Has he put those closest to him in mortal danger?

Episode 8

2020. As the world grapples with the Covid pandemic, after years in exile, Massimo sees the opportunity to finally get justice. But to succeed, he will need some unlikely allies to join forces and help him revolutionise global finance. At stake is not just the future of NYL, but his relationship with the family he has been kept apart from.

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