Bulletproof: South Africa

Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters return as Bishop and Pike for a special three-part outing for the wise-cracking London cops.

About Bulletproof: South Africa

Having spent two seasons bringing the series’ trademark cinematic action to the streets of London, this time the boys are heading overseas to dive deep undercover in a brand new case.

Taking a much-deserved holiday in South Africa, the pair are ready for some sun, sea and serenity. Unfortunately for them, the rest and relaxation will have to wait as they get swept up in the kidnapping of a young girl. With time running out, the duo have to slip their protective vests under their Hawaiian shirts in order to track her down and solve a conspiracy in a three-part special that will bring viewers more action, more car chases and more adrenaline in a thrilling journey into the underworld of Cape Town.

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Series 1

Episode 1

In the first episode, one of the duo's informants is killed in front of them, beginning a desperate operation that lands one of their own in hospital.

Episode 2

Bishop and Pike get word that a notorious criminal has shown up in London after decades of lying low in Spain, and they tail him to a robbery at a safety deposit box facility.

Episode 3

Outraged that he and Bishop have been kicked off the Sharp case, Pike decides to break the rules, while a new case leads them straight into a shoot-out.

Episode 4

The lives of Pike's family are turned upside down when his and Bishop's refusal to follow orders hurls them into a disturbing case.

Episode 5

Bishop receives a package that rocks him to his core, while Pike puts his family first, even if it means abandoning his best mate and partner.

Episode 6

Pike and Bishop revisit Borlock and promise to protect him if he tells them everything he knows about Sharp - leading the duo into a race to catch the culprits.

Series 2

Episode 1

Bishop and Pike get dragged into their most dangerous case yet - one that will truly test their morals in series two of the action-packed Sky original.

Episode 2

The tension mounts as Pike and Bishop get welcomed deeper into the Markides family. Meanwhile, Tanner starts to sweat over her recent decision.

Episode 3

Bishop and Pike take the law into their own hands as the hunt for a missing girl leads them to Amsterdam and into the heart of the Markides's dark operations.

Episode 4

As Alex regains control of the family, Mikey puts Bishop and Pike in charge of a gun-trafficking op. But the boys quickly find themselves out of their depth.

Episode 5

Elena starts digging into Bishop's identity. Meanwhile, the boys find an unlikely ally as they hunt for a lead in Cyprus. But how long can they keep their cover?

Episode 6

Bishop and Pike's covers are blown, with serious consequences for the unit. With the boys' lives at stake, Tanner goes head-to-head with Elena.

Episode 7

Hell-bent on revenge, Bishop searches for one last chance to bring the Markides family down. But this time, Pike isn't prepared to help him.

Episode 8

The unit must go off-the-books if they're to take down Alex and Mikey. But when a raid goes wrong, their hopes start to fade.

Bulletproof: South Africa

Episode 1

London cops Pike and Bishop escape the capital for a break in South Africa. But the fun doesn't last as they are drawn into a kidnapping case.

Episode 2

Pike and Bishop must use all their smarts to survive a stay in a grotty South African prison. The clues start to mount in the kidnapping case.

Episode 3

The police lay siege to the kidnappers but something about their success doesn't sit right with Bishop in the final part of the South Africa special.

The characters

Meet the cast of Bulletproof

DI Aaron Bishop

Noel Clarke

DI Ronnie Pike

Ashley Walters

DCI Sarah Tanner

Lindsey Coulson

DS Paige Pennington

Lucie Shorthouse

DS Tim 'Jonesy' Jones

David Elliot

DS Chris Munroe

Jason Maza

Anna Markides

Gala Gordon

Alex Markides

Stavros Zalmas

Mikey Markides

Ben Tavassoli

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