Avenue 5

Created by Armando Iannucci, Avenue 5 is a space tourism comedy set 40 years in the future when the solar system is everyone’s oyster.

About Avenue 5

Hugh Laurie stars as Captain Ryan Clark, and with him in charge, nothing can go wrong. Suave, outwardly confident, controlled, and personable, Ryan is the man you want in charge of a crisis. The cast also includes Josh Gad, Zach Woods, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Rebecca Front and Lenora Crichlow.

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Series 1

Series 1

Episode 1 - I Was Flying

When a malfunction occurs aboard luxury space cruise ship Avenue 5, it's up to engineer Billie McEvoy to warn those in charge.

Episode 2 - And Then He's Gonna Shoot Off

Rav and her team plot a potential rescue mission, while Ryan learns that an engineer has a surprisingly optimistic theory about the ship's future.

Episode 3 - I'm a Hand Model

Ryan turns to Karen when he notices customer service is slipping, while Judd outlines the plan for a rescue mission and gives Iris the job of raising the money to fund it.

Episode 4 - Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the Ladder?

Iris sets up a risky meet-and-greet with Judd and the passengers, while Ryan and Billie bond with the engineers below deck.

Episode 5 - He's Only There To Stop His Skeleton From Falling Over

Billie seeks praise for helping Ryan during the ship’s latest crisis and Judd decides the Halfway Home Party should go on as planned.

Episode 6 - Was It Your Ears?

Ryan and Billie try to find out what's behind a constant beeping. Judd gets another bright idea and Rav turns to the president for help.

Episode 7 - Are You a Spider, Matt?

Judd calls on Ryan to help him charm an uber-wealthy passenger. Meanwhile, Rav deals with the fallout as the ship hits the media.

Episode 8 - This Is Physically Hurting Me

Karen supervises the throwing of all non-essential items from the ship, Billie tries to teach Ryan how to dock the ship, and the passengers start to suspect all is not as it seems.

Episode 9 - Eight Arms But No Hands

A seat on a rescue shuttle sends the ship into chaos. Meanwhile, Matt takes extreme measures to quiet his guilty conscience.

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