Download Sky Broadband user manuals

If you’ve lost the setup guide or manual that came with your hub, download a copy using the links below.

Sky Broadband Hub

Sky Broadband Hub image

The setup of your Sky Broadband Hub differs depending on if you have Internet Calls with your broadband and the type of socket you have.

  • It’s this Sky Broadband Hub setup guide if you don’t have Internet Calls.
  • If you do have Internet Calls, it’s this setup guide if:
    • Your master socket has G.Fast logo on it: G.Fast setup.
    • You have a standard or prefiltered master socket: Master socket setup.
    • You have an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) instead of a master socket: ONT setup.

Sky Q Hub

Sky Q Hub image

Download the Sky Q setup guide.

Sky Hub

Sky Hub image

If your Sky Hub is black, it’s this Sky Hub setup guide.

Or if your Sky Hub is white, choose the right set up guide for your broadband package: