Using the TV Guide

The Sky Q TV Guide can be accessed via the Home screen. You can select a specific channel type as well as Box Office events, Radio shows and New Series that are available to you.

Sky Q TV Guide displayed


Scroll up or down to see more channels, and scroll left and right to browse shows. If using a Sky Q touch remote with Touch Control enabled, keep your finger on the touchpad whilst browsing to move through the listings at a faster rate.

Press Channel Up or Channel Down to scroll through channels by page. Select a show on now and it'll play in the Mini TV as well as in full screen.

To find out information about a show, press i.

Jumping to other days

Tap Rewind or Fast forward to jump forward or backward 24 hours. Pressing Play/pause will bring you back to shows on now.

Using Favourites

Quickly find your most watched channels by adding up to 99 of them to your Favourites.

Go to the TV Guide, followed by Favourites and then select Setup favourites. You’ll be offered a list of channels, based on what you’ve watched before. From there you can choose to Change list or Save list.

To change your list, scroll to the bottom of your Favourites and select Manage favourites.

No TV listings on your Sky Q box or Sky Q Mini box

If you’re unable to see TV listings on your Sky Q box, you’ll need to restart it:

  1. Switch your Sky Q box off at the mains.
  2. Check that both ends of all cables are securely connected.
  3. Switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains.
  4. Wait for the on screen instructions to disappear then press Home on your Sky Q remote.

Please note: After a restart, you may need to wait up to 5 minutes for all features to become available.

If you're experiencing the same problem on your Sky Q Mini box,  restart your Sky Q Mini box first and then restart your main Sky Q box.

Getting the most from radio

Sky Q TV Guide in Radio category, browsing radio shows

  1. Press Home and select TV Guide.
  2. Select Radio and choose a show that's on now to start listening.

You can also select Music from the Home screen, then select Radio to find shows playing now.

Recording a radio show

Press on your Sky Q remote when a radio show is highlighted in the TV Guide or the Mini Guide. 

If you're in Radio under the Music section of the Home screen, choose a show, scroll right and select Record.

Please note: Series links are not available for Radio shows and the playback of Radio is unavailable on the Sky Q app.

Listening to your recordings

Press sky on your Sky Q remote, or select Recordings from the Home screen then select a radio show.

Tips on playing back recorded shows:

  • Tap Rewind or Fast forward repeatedly or slide your thumb left or right along the Sky Q touch remote slider to increase or decrease the speed of rewinding or fast forwarding up to 30x.
  • Swipe or press up to bring up the progress bar while listening to a recorded or downloaded show, or live show that's been paused.

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