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Recordings and Planner

Using the Sky TV Guide

Sky TV Guide is the collective name for what you can access when you press tv guide on your Sky remote. This includes:

  • TV Guide

    Press tv guide on your Sky remote, and you'll see the TV Guide tile highlighted. Press select to open the TV guide.

    The horizontal menu at the top of the TV Guide highlights the current section you're in. Press the left/right arrow to move across sections, and then press select to navigate the channels in that specific section.

    • Press the up/down arrows to move through channels.
    • Press the left/right arrows to move through times of day.
    • Press the ch +/- button to jump up and down entire pages of listings.
    • Press record to record a programme.
    • Press the coloured buttons to access additional screens and Sky Guide features.

    When you're done, press sky to return to live TV.

  • Planner

    Here you can find, delete and manage your recordings and reminders, if you have a Sky+ enabled box.

    1. Press tv guide on your Sky remote.
    2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Planner, and then press select.

    You can find more information about your Planner in our Manage your recordings article.

  • Kids tile

    You’ll only see this tile if your Sky box version begins with 4F31. To find out your Sky box version, press services on your Sky remote, highlight Settings, press select, then highlight System Details and press select.

    If your Sky+HD box isn’t connected to a broadband network, you can view live channels and add shows to your Kids Planner, but you won’t be able to watch a show in the TV & Movies tab. Find out how to connect your Sky+HD box to your broadband network .

    TV & Movies tab

    The TV & Movies tab showcases our Kids on demand shows and movies.

    See what’s available by using the right/left arrows on your Sky remote, or press select to go directly into the channel or show.

    If you have the Variety or Family TV bundle, press the green button on your Sky remote to go straight to the Kids Planner tab.

    On Now tab

    Here you’ll see the TV Guide listings for all Kids TV channels. The channels you see will vary depending on your Sky TV subscription.

    Kids Planner tab

    Here you’ll find all your Kids TV recordings and downloads, including movies.

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