Using Apple TV+

What is Apple TV+

Apple TV welcome screen

Apple TV+ is a streaming service featuring Apple Originals — award-winning series, compelling dramas, ground breaking documentaries, kids’ entertainment, comedies and more — with new Apple Originals added every month.

Apple TV+ can be found in the apps Menu on Sky Q and Sky Glass, or via the apps rail on the Sky Q and the Sky Glass home page.

You'll need an account with Apple to access Apple TV+, when you launch the app for the first time, you'll see this screen:

Apple TV mobile sign in screen

Apple TV ways to sign in screen

If you have Sky Q mini boxes, you'll also need to follow the steps above for each box, but you will only need to do this once.

Is there a mobile app for Apple TV+?

Yes, you can download the Apple TV+ app for use on the go from the App store or Google Play.

If you're unable to activate your trial, head over to the Apple help centre for more assistance.

Using Apple TV+

When you access Apple TV+ you will land on the home page, and Apple TV+ will be highlighted.

Apple TV homepage screen

You can select other menu options using the left and right arrow buttons on your Sky remote.

  • Search - Search for specific shows, movies, or actors.
  • Settings – Select account and you can access your apple account and change parental controls, change language settings, set up accessibility settings, change playback to SD and also Apple help.

Apple TV plus accounts settings screen

Watching content

To watch a show on Apple TV+, simply select it and you'll be provided with options of play, and to the up next , here you will also see what format your programme will be in, such as HD, HDR, 4K, and whether Subtitles or Audio Description will be available, (Subtitles will be shown as CC), press the down button on your remote to the bottom of the page an you will see what languages are available, and details about your selected show.

Apple TV play episode screen

While watching, press Select on your Sky remote to bring up the progress bar, where you can fast forward or rewind by pressing the left or right. You can also pause by pressing the play button. Pressing the dismiss button will take you back to your menu options, and pressing dismiss again will take you back to the show page, press dismiss again to go back to the main Apple TV+ menu.

Apple TV+ shows are streamed, so you’re not able to download your Sky Q box to watch at a later date. Sky Glass customers can add shows to their playlist.

You will not be able to view any purchased shows you might have bought previously on Apple TV. If you want to view these you'll need to use the Apple TV+ app on your Smart TV, this also includes any additional subscriptions purchased via Apple TV+, these are not available on the Sky Q/Sky Glass Apple TV+ app.

Want to watch in Ultra HD or HDR?

The Apple TV+ app will detect your TV settings and auto change the stream to Ultra HD or HDR, if you have a compatible TV and Sky Q box, or Sky Glass.

For Ultra HD:

You’ll need a Sky Q 2TB or Sky Q 1TB UHD box, an Ultra HD-enabled TV.

For help with setting up Ultra HD on your Sky Q box, check out our help guide.

For HDR:

Visit our help article to see what you will need.

For help with setting up Ultra HD on your Sky Q box, check out our help guide.

On Sky Glass, this is available as default.

Looking for Dolby 5.1 or Atmos sounds?

Unfortunately if you're using the Apple TV+ app on Sky Q, this isn’t available yet but we’re hoping to add this at some point this year.

If you're using Sky Glass Dolby 5.1 is available, however Apple are hoping to add Dolby Atmos at a later date.

Accessibility settings

Pressing the left down button on playback will also enable add subtitles and change the language of the show you are watching, where available.

Apple TV subtitles screen

Apple TV+ Accessibility features

Apple TV+ has a range of Accessibility features on the app, to access these from the home page on Apple TV+ select the cog wheel at the top of the screen, once in this menu, select Accessibility, where you can choose from:

  • Subtitles and captioning
  • Audio Descriptions
  • Bold Text
  • Increase Contrast

Apple TV+ billing

For help with the billing for your Apple account please visit the Apple app store.

Need more help?

If you’ve got a problem with Apple TV+ app on Sky Q or Sky Glass, like no sound when watching shows or movies, or the app missing from your box, check out our Fixing problems with the Sky TV apps guide.

If you’re seeing a Apple TV+ error messages or have a problem with the app on another device, head over to the Apple help centre for more assistance.