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Recycle your old Sky equipment

Check if your equipment can be recycled

This symbol is used to mark products that shouldn't be disposed of with general household waste, but can be collected separately for reuse or recycling. If your product has this symbol, you'll be able to send it to us free of charge.

Recycle Symbol

We can reuse most parts of your old products. We'll recycle any that we can't.

Sky electrical equipment shouldn't be disposed of with your general household rubbish, as it could be harmful to the environment and human health if it's not dealt with properly.

Sky packaging

Any Sky packaging can be recycled as part of your home recycling or at your local recycling centre.

How do you want to return your equipment?

Using Collect+

  1. Package your equipment, ensuring all original equipment is included.
  2. Create and print a Collect+ return label then attach it to your parcel.
  3. Find your local Collect+ store and drop it off for collection.
  4. Keep the receipt as proof of return and use it to track your return online.

Don’t have a printer? No problem. Just select PRINT IN STORE when creating your returns label. Most drop off locations can print your label for you but there are a few that can’t – double check your local Collect+ store can.

Tip: You can also return with your Amazon Alexa if you have the Collect+ Alexa skill installed and setup.

Using Royal Mail

  1. Package your equipment, ensuring all the original equipment is included.
  2. Visit Royal Mail returns, select the shape of your package and enter your details.
  3. When you’ve finished, you’ll receive an email containing your return label.
  4. Print and attach it to your package then take it to your local Post Office, local depot or collection from your home address. Don’t have a printer? You can also choose to print off the returns label at your local post office.
  5. Keep the receipt as proof of return and use it to track your return online.

Tip: Download the Royal Mail app to find your nearest parcel drop off location including 24/7 Parcel Postboxes or to arrange a home collection.

Recycle in store

Or you can return it to your local Sky Retail Shop for recycling.