Return or recycle your Sky equipment

What would you like to return?

Sky Business customer? Get help with Sky Business returns.

What would you like to recycle?

You can also send us old equipment to recycle. We reuse most parts of your old products and recycle the rest.

If your Sky Q, Sky Stream puck or broadband kit has been loaned to you as part of your subscription, you'll need to return it to us when you leave. If you hang on to it, you’ll pay a non-return fee.

Find out how you can return:

  • Sky+/Q or Sky Broadband equipment - Sky boxes and remotes, Sky hubs and boosters.
  • Sky Glass equipment - Sky Glass TV, Sky stream pucks and remotes.
  • Sky Stream equipment - Sky stream pucks and remotes.
  • Sky Soundbox - For any issues with Sky Soundbox, you'll need to contact us first to arrange the return and we'll then provide you with information on how you can send it back to us.
  • Sky Mobile (UK customers only) - Return phones, tablets, laptops and mobile accessories bought from Sky. If you're having any problems with your device or mobile accessory, you can also try following our steps to repair it online or book it in for a replacement.