Introducing Sky Live

The new interactive camera exclusively for Sky Glass

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  • There's no doubt that Sky is reinventing the way we watch TV as it has done time and again
    The Sun
  • If you already have Sky Glass then Sky Live is a no-brainer
  • A truly innovative product
  • The future of TVs just got interactive
  • It's finally here and it will change how you interact with the biggest screen in your house
    The Mirror

Sky Live. Exclusive to Sky Glass

Everything in 4K high definition

4K 12MP camera with a wide field of vision. Plus a built-in microphone with noise cancellation and an ambient light sensor.

Plug in and play

Sky Live was designed for Sky Glass. So you can set it up in minutes with zero hassle. Plug it in and start playing.

Your privacy, protected

When you’re done for the day, Sky Live is too. Hit the privacy button to turn it off. So you’re always in control.

All the apps you need, built in

Lego Ninjago. Stingray Karaoke. Peppa Pig: Jump & Giggle. Monopoly. Fruit Ninja. Whack a Mole. Starri. The list goes on. From games, fitness and video calls, Sky Live comes with a huge range of apps built in as standard.