Your Playlist on Sky Glass

Learn more about how Playlist works on Sky Glass, bringing your favourite shows from TV guide, apps and on-demand together in one place. Love it? Playlist it.

Playlist. Endless fun.

With Playlist you can create endless collections of all your favourite shows and movies. And all in one place.

Everything’s streamed, so clashes are a thing of the past. You won’t run out of storage either. Or need to delete anything you’ve watched. Ever.

If you enjoy it, add it.

See something you like? Just press the Playlist + button and boom, it’s instantly part of your Playlist. You can add anything from the TV guide, home screen, on-demand, or even live TV. Search with your voice  for any show and playlist content from any app like Disney+, Amazon and Netflix.

Recordings reimagined

With Playlist, you can record everything from Sky, BT Sports, Eurosport, Gold, W, and more, ready to watch whenever you want.

You can also save a show for later from Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, and Disney+. And it's all in the cloud. So no need to worry about storage or clashes.

Never miss a thing

Missed the start of something that’s live on TV? No problem. Head straight to the restart rail in the TV guide using your remote. Or go to the channel and press ‘Watch from start’. Or just hit the middle button.  Easy as that.

For entertainment. Look no further.

TV shows, movies, sports, kids’ content… Everything’s categorised. So you’ll find what you’re after in a flash.

When you add a show, every episode, past, present and future automatically comes together in Playlist. Even if series are split across different apps. Sky Glass will add shows as they become available too. How clever is that?

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