Sky Mobile

Hello Possible

Explore a world of possibilities and switch to Sky Mobile, voted Uswitch Network Of The Year.

  • Your spare data rolls over for up to 3 years
  • Watch Sky TV on-the-go, without using your data
  • Simply text to switch. It’s that easy

Why Choose Sky Mobile


Your data is yours to keep.
Every month your spare data rolls into your Sky Piggybank ready for you to use later, or even share with your family. Share spare data in your Piggybank with up to seven SIMs on your account, or exchange it for rewards like accessories or money off a new phone.


Watch Sky TV, without using your data
Unlimited streaming of Sky apps, so you can enjoy live sports, the best shows and kids’ favourites without using your data.


Hassle free switching
Simply text PAC to 65075 to get your switching code;
Leave your old provider without having to contact them;
Keep your old number if you like;
We'll take care of the rest.


Swap anytime you want
Upgrade to a shiny new phone anytime you like and save money when you swap your old one. Cash in your spare Sky Piggybank data to save on your upgrade


Mix whenever you like
Create a plan that’s flexible and just right for you. And of course, all plans come with free unlimited calls and texts

How we compare with other Networks

Sky MobileEEThreeVodafone
Voted Network Of The Year by Uswitch
Roll: Keep unused data with every plan for up to 3 years
Cash spare data in for rewards and discounts
Watch: Unlimited streaming on Sky Apps with any plan
Unlimited calls & texts with any plan
UK call centres
99% Network Coverage