Check your network coverage

This map is a guide to mobile phone coverage. It's a prediction based on a computer programme and is not a guarantee of signal coverage in a particular location. Your mobile phone signal may be affected by a number of factors, for example, weather and geographic conditions or the material of the walls or ceilings of the building you are in or how many people near you are trying to use mobile phones at the same time.


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What's the difference between 4G,3G and 2G?


4G gives you the best experience on your mobile so you can do everything faster - including gaming and watching videos online. You simply need a 4G enabled phone to use the 4G network.


3G lets you do everything you need to on your phone, including streaming music and videos and accessing the internet.


2G allows you to do simple tasks such as make phone calls, send text and picture messages, emails and browse the internet at low speeds.