Sky Q sound help

What's your sound problem?

A few checks before you start:

  • If you've only got a sound problem on one channel, there's probably a problem with the broadcaster rather than your Sky box. Try again later to see if the problem's fixed.
  • If you’ve got sound problems with your Sky Soundbox, follow our Sky Soundbox help guide instead.
  • Don't worry if some channels, adverts or programmes are louder or quieter than normal -- this is completely normal.

If you’re having sound problems on your Sky Q or Sky Q Mini box, this diagnostic flow will help fix your problem:

  • No sound - No sound on your Sky Q or Sky Q Mini box? These steps will get you back up and running again.
  • Sound out of sync with picture - If the sound is out of sync with your picture, our help steps will get things synced up.
  • Distorted sound - If your sound is distorted or unusually high-pitched, follow these step-by-step instructions
  • Surround sound - Learn how to set up or fix a problem with surround sound