Sky Q remotes

Sky Q remote with Voice Control

At the top of the remote towards the middle is the sky button. Slightly below that from left to right are the standby and input buttons

1. sky - Takes you to your recordings, and brings your Sky Q box out of standby.

2. Standby - Press once to switch your Sky Q box on/off. Press and hold to switch your TV on/off if you've set your Sky Q remote up to control your TV.

3. input - Select which source to display on your TV.

In between the standby and input buttons is the microphone

4. Microphone – Speak your Voice Control requests into the microphone.

After the standby row from left to right are the rewind, play/pause, and fast forward buttons

5. Rewind - Rewind recorded shows or live TV. Press repeatedly to increase speed.

6. Play/pause - Play or pause shows you're watching.

7. Fast forward - Fast forward recorded shows or live TV that's been paused. Press repeatedly to increase speed.

In the middle of the remote below the rewind/play/fast forward buttons is the circular select button with the up, right, down and left navigation buttons

8. Navigation buttons

  • Press right when watching a show to bring up the last viewed channel.
  • Press up whilst watching a recording, paused or rewound TV to bring
    up the progress bar, then press left or right to skip backwards or
    forwards through the show. Time skipped depends on the length of the show or how long you’ve been watching the channel e.g. one hour shows skip in 15 minute blocks.

9. Select - Selects the option highlighted. When watching live TV this brings up the Mini Guide.

Below the navigation buttons, from left to right, are the dismiss, home, and sidebar buttons.

10. Dismiss - Return to live TV when in Sky Q menus, or if you've paused or rewound a live broadcast. Press to stop a recording or to exit an app.

11. Home - Go to the Home screen.

12. Sidebar button - Open the Sidebar, from which you can launch apps such as Sky Sports.

On the next row, from left to right, are the Volume Up & Volume Down buttons, the voice control and record buttons, and the channel up and channel down buttons

13. Volume Up & Volume Down - Control the volume of your TV or speaker system.

14. - Record the current show. If the show is part of a series, all future episodes and series will be scheduled to record. Press again if you want to only record that episode.

15. Voice button – To use Voice Control, you need to press and hold the voice button whilst speaking your request and release when finished.

16. Channel Up and Channel Down - Change the channel up or down.

On the next row, from left to right, are the mute, question mark, search and i buttons

17. ? (question mark) - While watching a show: Displays audio description and subtitles settings or quickly access help. While in the Sky Q menus: Read help information about the current page.

18. Mute - Mute the sound of your TV or speaker system.

19. Search - Search for a specific show using the ribbon or the number keys to type in the letters.

20. i - Get more info on the show you're watching or a show in the TV Guide.

On the next row are the coloured buttons. From left to right: red, green, yellow, blue.

21. Coloured buttons - Opens interactive services when you see the option. Press red to open Sky Sports interactive or green to set a recording for an upcoming show.

The remaining buttons are the number buttons, starting at 1 on the top left and ending in 0

22. ⓪-⑨ - Type in channel numbers to go straight to the channel.