Sky Go Help

On which device do you have a problem?

Available at no extra cost, Sky Go allows you to watch Sky wherever you are in the UK and Republic of Ireland, as long as you have a Sky TV subscription.

These diagnostic steps can help with:

  • Error messages you’re receiving on Sky Go.
  • Picture or sound issues.
  • Problems signing in to Sky Go.
  • Issues with Silverlight.
  • The pop-out player not appearing.

Common error messages that these diagnostic steps cover include:

  • “Media streaming: unable to connect to stream”
  • “Video unavailable”
  • "Unknown error: please restart the app"
  • “3G network usage is disabled”
  • "Limit reached: unable to register this device"
  • “Sky Go is not currently supported on this device”
  • “Sky Go is not supported on rooted devices”
  • "Rights restrictions mean that this programme is not currently available"
  • "Request x-date header is outside allowed range"
  • “The item has been interrupted due to an error”
  • "Right-click to play Silverlight"
  • "Unable to verify if your computer is registered with Sky Go"
  • “Problem with Silverlight application storage”
  • "A Silverlight update is required"
  • “Sky Go is currently unavailable”
  • “Failed to acquire license”
  • “Scenario workflow failure”
  • “Invalid configuration”
  • “This programme is not available in your territory”
  • “An error has occurred, please try again later”
  • “Programme not available on this platform.”

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