Recording on Sky Q

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Find out how to get the most from your recordings, including how to schedule a recording, delete ones you've watched, enable parental locking or fix a problem you may be experiencing.

  • How to record: Find out how to record at home using your Sky Q or Sky Q Mini box. Or, if you're on the go, you can use the Sky Q app to send recordings from the app to your Sky Q box. You can also find out about your recording limits, depending on the type of Sky Q box you have.
  • Managing my recordings: Quickly access your recordings by pressing the sky button on your Sky Q remote. From there you can watch, delete, restore and cancel recordings.
  • Parental lock: Place a lock on certain recordings and only unlock it by entering your Sky TV PIN.
  • Fix a problem with my recordings: Help on what to do if you're seeing an error message, unable to playback a recording, can't set a series links or are experiencing picture or sound problems.