Your Sky Broadband & Talk questions answered

What Sky Broadband package is right for me?

  • Sky Broadband Essential Plus - It’s unlimited and with average download speeds of 11Mb/s, it’s great for browsing and email. And it comes with extra features like flexible engineer visits, daily checks on your line and more.
  • Sky Broadband Superfast 35 – Endless streaming and browsing with average download speeds of 36 Mb/s, and it’s unlimited.
  • Sky Broadband Superfast - Want reliable, unlimited fibre at super speeds for streaming and sharing whenever you want? With average download speeds of 59Mb/s, it’s perfect for binge watching your favourite shows.
  • Sky Broadband Ultrafast - Want to go even faster? Stream, game and download as much as you want, whenever you want, all at the same time. With average download speeds of 145Mb/s.
  • Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus – Get a game-changing 500Mb/s average download speed. Ready-made for video calls, streaming your favourite series in UHD or those all-night gaming sessions - even when everyone’s online all at the same time.
  • Sky Broadband Gigafast - Our fastest speed. Future proof broadband for the busiest homes with an average download speed of 900Mb/s. Stream in UHD, game online in 4k and video call, all at the same time.

The packages available depends on where you live and your circumstances Check what package is available where you live.

We’re rolling Sky Broadband Ultrafast out across the UK. But it might not be available where you live right now. Don’t worry though, just tell us you’re interested, and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

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What Sky Talk package is right for me?

Whether you’re constantly on the phone with family and friends, or just making the occasional call, we have a package for everyone.

Take a look at our Sky Talk packages to see what’s right for you.

Good to know: Your Sky Talk package might be provided with Internet Calls – a new home phone technology being rolled out across the UK by all landline providers. It works a little differently to a traditional phone line.

What are Internet Calls?

Calls made over the internet, where your home phone works through your broadband line and plugs directly into your hub instead of a traditional phone socket.

So your phone won’t work if:

  • Your hub’s switched off or there's a power cut.
  • The phone is plugged into a master socket or any other phone socket.
  • Your broadband isn’t working because of a fault or outage.

Tip: Your hub setup is different if you have Internet Calls, so don’t forget to check the setup guide that comes with your hub or go to Setting up your Sky hub.

Will I get Internet Calls and is it right for me?

Internet Calls comes as standard with Sky Broadband Ultrafast and Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus. And you might get it if you have Sky Broadband Superfast, but we’ll let you know if you do when you choose your package.

Internet Calls aren’t right for everyone

Internet Calls aren’t right for you if you rely on your landline to call the emergency services and don’t have a mobile with a good signal.

If you have a care or medical alarm (or any other device) that plugs into your phone line, you’ll need to check with your provider to make sure it’s compatible with an internet-based phone service.

Don’t worry, we’ll ask you about these when you’re taking broadband and talk so we don’t give you Internet Calls if it isn’t right for you. But don’t forget to let us know if your circumstances ever change.

Go to What you need to know about Internet Calls for more info.