Your credit file

A credit file, as explained by Experian, refers to the information that a credit reference agency has about you within its database.

It might include, for example, information you supplied when applying for a credit card, consumer credit agreement, or mobile SIM card. Companies might send the information from your application, such as your name, address and date of birth to the credit reference agency.

Your personal information will be used in automated credit decisions to:

  • detect and protect against crimes such as, Fraud and Money Laundering; and
  • for debt recovery purposes.

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Sharing your personal information with credit reference agencies

Your credit file is a record of your credit accounts and associated payment performance for those accounts.

When you sign your credit agreement, you’re agreeing to let us share your personal information with credit reference agencies (e.g. Equifax and Experian) and fraud prevention agencies (e.g. CIFAS) every month.

Your credit agreement payment performance information is submitted to our credit reference agencies, Equifax and Experian, and will show on your credit files. Other credit providers might use this information to help them make their own decisions on lending credit or preventing fraud.

If any information is wrong or relates to an account you don’t know about, contact us straight away.

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