WiFi Guarantee

‘WiFi in every room of your home or your money back’

We’ll give you money back on your Sky Broadband Boost subscription if you can't get 3Mbps WiFi in every room.

What do I need to get Sky’s WiFi Guarantee?

It’s one of the great benefits of Sky Broadband Boost. To add Sky Broadband Boost to your subscription you’ll need:

  • Sky Broadband Essential
  • Sky Broadband Superfast, or
  • Sky Broadband Ultrafast

It's easy to upgrade your package and add Sky Broadband Boost if you don't have it. Or if you took Sky Broadband Boost before 4 September 2019, you’ll need to get in touch to upgrade.

How it works

You’ll get a new Sky Broadband Hub (unless you already have one) when you sign up to Sky Broadband Boost.

Then if you’re not getting 3Mbps WiFi in every room, we can send you a Sky Broadband Booster (if you don’t already have one). Or send a Sky Tech Team engineer to make sure your home’s set up to get the best signal and coverage possible.

Still can’t get WiFi in every room? We’ll give you the money back that you’ve paid for your Sky Broadband Boost. And give you it free for the rest of your contract – so you can still benefit from the other great features.

Not getting WiFi in every room?

Go to My Broadband to test your connection.

Your WiFi Guarantee starts 14 days after your Sky Broadband and Sky Broadband Boost are activated - this is so we can test your phone line for the best performance first.

How do I get money back?

You’ll get money back if you can’t get 3Mbps WiFi in every room of your home after troubleshooting it on the phone with one of our agents, or in your home with an engineer.

Money back won’t apply if:

  • You’re using WiFi extenders, boosters or routers other than those provided by us.
  • You’ve claimed money back before at the same address.
  • You’ve claimed money back then moved to a new address, but you didn’t start a new Sky Broadband Boost contract when you moved.
  • Your Sky Broadband Boost is out of contract – that’s 18 months after you took it.

When will I be refunded?

We’ll refund the cost of your Sky Broadband Boost subscription to your usual payment method within five days. We will then apply an offer to your account, so you won’t pay anything for Sky Broadband Boost for the rest of your contract.

You can cancel Sky Broadband Boost, if you’d prefer, but you’ll lose all its other features. And don’t forget its free until your current contract ends.

Still need a hand?

Thanks for using our online services – if you do still need to contact us, please be aware that wait times may be longer than normal due to social distancing in our contact centres, but be assured we’re prioritising calls from customers who’ve already been online.