Wi-Fi calling

Do you get bad phone signal at home or indoors?

With Wi-Fi calling, you can make and receive calls, and send and receive texts like normal. When there's no signal available, just connect to available Wi-Fi with a compatible phone.

Compatible phones:

  • Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 6 or later with 12.3 iOS or above.
  • Samsung Galaxy A20e
  • Samsung Galaxy A40
  • Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Samsung Galaxy A70
  • Samsung Galaxy A71
  • Samsung Galaxy A90 (5G)
  • Samsung Galaxy J4+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note10+ and Note10+ (5G)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S9, and S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 (5G), S20+ 5G and S20 Ultra 5G
  • Sony Xperia 1, Xperia 5, Xperia 10
  • Sony Xperia XZ1, XZ2, XZ3 and XA2
  • Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Keep a look out for more compatible phones coming soon.

One to watch out for: If you didn't get your phone from us, it might not be compatible with Sky Mobile Wi-Fi calling. To check, set up Wi-Fi calling and try making a call over Wi-Fi. If the ‘Wi-Fi call’ indicator doesn’t show, then your phone isn’t compatible.

If you’re using Wi-Fi calling and move to a 4G area, your calls will transfer without disconnecting with 4G calling (if you have a compatible phone).

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