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What do the codes in the programme information mean

The letter, rating and content codes in the programme information can help you decide at a glance what may be suitable viewing for you and your family. Here's what they mean.

  • Letter codes

    These codes describe what accessibility, picture and sound features are available for that show.

    AD: You can choose to turn on Audio Description for this show, which is an additional commentary for blind or partially sighted people.

    C: This show is copy protected and may not play back correctly if it's recorded.

    DS: You can hear this show in surround sound if you have a compatible TV or speaker system.

    HD: This is a high definition show. These shows are shown in widescreen.

    S: You can turn on subtitles for this show.

    SL: This show has sign language. Sign language shows are dedicated versions of the shows, so the signer can't be turned on or off.

    UHD: These shows are in Ultra HD and you’ll need to be setup to watch these (see Setting up Ultra HD for more info).

    W: This show is shown in widescreen. For HD shows, this code won't be shown as all HD shows are shown in widescreen.

    Please note: Sky Cinema has Dolby Digital included by default and therefore won’t show in the information banner. 

  • Rating codes

    These codes act as a guide to how suitable they are for children.

    U: Universal, suitable for all audiences, including young children.

    PG: Parental guidance is recommended. Parents may need to consider whether the movie is suitable for younger or impressionable children.

    12: Suitable for viewers aged 12 years or over. More mature themes or language may make the movie unsuitable for young children.

    15: Suitable for viewers aged 15 years or over. It may contain stronger content.

    18: Suitable only for adult viewers aged 18 or over.

  • Content codes

    These codes describe the kind of content in the show.

    S: Sex or nudity.

    L: Strong language.

    V: Violent scenes.

    M: Material that's intended for a mature audience.

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