Watching Sky Q in Ultra HD

What is Ultra HD?

Ultra HD is a high-quality video format, with a picture resolution of 3840x2160 pixels at 50 frames per second, which is 4 times the number of HD TV. This allows you to watch Sky TV shows and movies with greater clarity and detail.

You can also watch some Sky Nature shows in HDR (High Dynamic Range), which gives you an even better picture quality. HDR improves the colour and contrast of your picture, so colours look even more vibrant, and you’re able to see more detail in dark images.

Watching in Ultra HD

To find out how you can watch Sky Q in Ultra HD, see our video or read the information below.

Ultra HD sports and movies are available to rent in Sky Store for anyone with a Sky Q 2TB or Sky Q 1TB UHD box.

To watch in Ultra HD, you’ll need:

  • A Sky Q 2TB box or a Sky Q 1TB UHD box. Not sure if your box supports Ultra HD or HDR? [Check which box you have here][1].

  • The HD and Ultra HD add-ons, or a Sky Q experience subscription

  • To watch sports or movies in Ultra HD you’ll also need the Sky Sports and Sky Cinema

  • An Ultra HD TV that can display a picture resolution of 3840x2160 pixels at 50 frames per second and has an input that supports HDCP 2.2.

  • To watch in HDR, your TV will also need to support HDR (HLG format) and have this setting switched on. Sky Q doesn’t support HDR10 content


Watching in HDR

Our older Sky Q boxes don’t support HDR. To check if your box does, see our Sky Q box guide.

Not sure if your TV supports HDR? Check your TV’s manual or manufacturer’s website:

Find out how to setup Ultra HD by visiting Setting up Ultra HD.

Watching live sports

When you’re watching a Sky Sports channel, you’ll receive a prompt if an Ultra HD version is available. Follow the instructions to be taken to the live Ultra HD broadcast. Alternatively, press the red button and enjoy additional stats, highlights and information about the game.

If you want to pause, rewind and fast forward sport events in Ultra HD, you’ll need to access the Ultra HD broadcast via the Sky Q menu, rather than the on-screen prompt:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote then select Sports
  2. Select Featured, scroll down to Even Better in Ultra HD and select the sporting event you want to record.

Watching movies or shows

When searching on your Sky Q box, you’ll find an Ultra HD section in the Sky Cinema and Sky Box Sets tab, bringing you one movie premiere every week as well as a range of the latest box sets and documentaries. 

You can also find Ultra HD shows, movies or sporting events recommended for you in Home. 


You can record one event at a time, along with your other HD recordings, up to seven days in advance.

Watching in HDR
  • Your Sky Q box will automatically detect if you have HDR setup and will show you content in HDR where available
  • If you’re watching an HDR show but don’t have an HDR-capable box or TV, the programme will automatically be converted so that you have the best viewing experience for your setup (for example, normal UHD)
  • When you start or stop watching an HDR show, your screen might appear duller or flicker for a few seconds – don’t worry, it will return to normal quickly.
  • If you have a Samsung TV, your screen might flash when you try to watch in HDR. You can fix this by returning to Sky Q Home, and then trying to watch in HDR again. If you’re still having problems, you’ll need to contact Samsung for more help.

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