Watching Ultra HD & HDR

What is Ultra HD?

Ultra High Definition (aka Ultra HD or UHD) is a high-quality video format, with a picture resolution of 3840x2160 pixels at 50 frames per second, which is 4 times the number of pixels vs HD TV. More pixels means you can enjoy shows and movies with greater clarity and detail.

Not happy with just Ultra HD? No worries – you can now watch Sky shows and Live Sport in stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR improves the colour and contrast of your picture, so colours look even more vibrant, and you’re able to see more detail in dark images.

To see what you’ll need to watch in Ultra HD and HDR go to Setting up Ultra HD/HDR.

Watching shows in Ultra HD and HDR

To watch in Ultra HD you need to set it up, see Setting up Ultra HD/HDR.

To watch in HDR, you don't need to do anything. Your Sky equipment will automatically detect if you have HDR setup and will show you content in HDR where available.

You can record one Ultra HD/HDR programme at a time, along with your other HD recordings, up to seven days in advance.

Ultra HD and HDR programmes now have a “UHD” or “HDR” icon.

Good to know

  • If you’re watching an HDR show but don’t have a HDR-capable box or TV, the programme will automatically be converted so that you have the best viewing experience for your setup (for example, standard UHD).
  • When you start or stop watching an HDR show, your screen might appear duller or flicker for a few seconds if you have an older TV – don’t worry, it will return to normal quickly. If it doesn’t, try changing channels.
  • If you have a Samsung TV, your screen might flash when you try to watch in HDR. You can fix this by returning to Sky Q Home, and then trying to watch in HDR again. If you’re still having problems, you’ll need to contact Samsung for more help.

You can watch the following in Ultra HD and HDR:

  • Sky Sports live events, including the Sky Sports Main Event Ultra HD and Sky Sports F1 Ultra HD channels
  • TNT Sports Ultimate
  • Some Sky Nature shows
  • A selection of Sky Originals
  • A selection of blockbuster movies
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Apple TV+

Sky Sports Main Event UHD and Sky Sports F1 UHD

  • Customers with the complete Sky Sports package can watch live sports in UHD/HDR on the Sky Sports Main Event Ultra HD and Sky Sports F1 Ultra HD channels.
  • Sky Sports Main Event Ultra HD is on 401 and Sky Sports F1 Ultra HD is on 406 in the Sky Guide - making it easier than ever to watch our biggest sports events in the best possible quality available.
  • If you can’t see the channel in 401 or 406, it's because you aren't fully set-up to watch in Ultra HD. See Setting up Ultra HD/HDR.
  • When you’re watching sport on other Sky Sports channels, you might receive an on-screen prompt to switch to Ultra HD. Follow the instructions to be taken to the live Ultra HD broadcast.
  • There might be a slight delay when you first open the Sky Sports Main Event Ultra HD or Sky Sports F1 Ultra HD channels, as the TV adjusts to deep colour mode.

TNT Sports Ultimate

You can also enjoy live sports in UHD/HDR quality on the TNT Sports Ultimate channel, which is on Sky channel 493.

Watching TV apps on Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream in HDR

These TV apps are available in Ultra HD/HDR

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime
  • YouTube
  • Apple TV+

To view these apps in Ultra HD/HDR you need the right equipment and a subscription to the app. You can see if a show or movie is available in Ultra HD or HDR by checking the synopsis.

Watching Netflix in HDR

To watch Netflix in HDR, you either need the Ultimate TV and Ultra HD add-ons, or a Netflix Premium plan.

Watching Sky Glass TV apps in HDR

Sky Glass automatically plays app content in HDR, where it's available.

For more help with Disney+, Netflix, or any of our other Sky Q TV apps see TV apps on Sky.

Adding Ultra HD and HDR to your Playlist on Sky Glass and Sky Stream

You can add certain Ultra HD and HDR shows and sports to your Playlist by pressing the + button on your Sky Remote.

Watching on-demand shows in UHD or HDR on Sky Glass and Sky Stream

When watching on-demand shows in a certain picture format, like HD, if you leave and come back to the show, you won’t be able to change the picture format to something else, like UHD or HDR. It will stay on the original picture format.

To watch on-demand shows in UHD or HDR, make sure you select the version of the show with the “UHD” or “HDR” icon from the menu the first time you start watching it.