Watching Sky Q in Ultra HD

What is Ultra HD?

Ultra HD is an innovative new video format, with a picture resolution of 3840x2160 pixels at 50 frames per second, which is 4 times the number of HD TV. This allows you to watch Sky TV shows and movies with greater clarity and detail.

Watching in Ultra HD

To find out how you can watch Sky Q in Ultra HD, see our video or read the information below.

Ultra HD sports and movies are available to rent in Sky Store for anyone with a Sky Q 2TB box.

To watch in Ultra HD, you’ll need:

  • A Sky Q 2TB box with the Sky Q Multiscreen subscription.

  • To watch sports, movies or Box Sets in Ultra HD you’ll need the Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Sky Box Sets subscriptions.

Find out how to setup Ultra HD by visiting Setting up Ultra HD.

Watching live sports

When you’re watching a Sky Sports channel, you’ll receive a prompt if an Ultra HD version is available. Follow the instructions to be taken to the live Ultra HD broadcast. Alternatively, press the red button and enjoy additional stats, highlights and information about the game.

Watching movies or shows

When searching on your Sky Q box, you’ll find an Ultra HD section in the Sky Cinema and Sky Box Sets tab, bringing you one movie premiere every week as well as a range of the latest box sets and documentaries. 

You can also find Ultra HD shows, movies or sporting events recommended for you in My Q. 


You can record one event at a time, along with your other HD recordings, up to seven days in advance.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an Ultra HD channel?

No, but there are Ultra HD tabs in Sky Cinema, Sports, Sky Box Sets and Catch Up TV.

Can I watch Ultra HD on my Sky Q Mini box or Sky Q app?

No, Ultra HD can only be watched on the Sky Q 2TB box.

How long does it take until I can watch an Ultra HD download?

This is dependent on your broadband speed. Ultra HD content can be downloaded at any broadband speed, but at slower speeds it’ll take longer for your download to be available to watch as they are three times the size of regular HD recordings.

I missed the prompt, how do I get to Ultra HD?

Go to the Mini Guide on the channel showing the sports events and choose the option to watch in Ultra HD. This’ll only be available if you’ve already set up Ultra HD.

Can I search for Ultra HD events, shows and movies?

To see Ultra HD shows as your default option in Search results simply set your picture resolution to 2160p and your ‘default download format’ to Ultra HD. Find and change your ‘default download format’ by navigating to Settings, Setup then preferences.

Why can’t I pause, fast forward or rewind in Ultra HD after I’ve pressed the red button?

It’s not possible to pause or rewind inside interactive applications.

What happens if I tune away from Ultra HD?

If you tune away from Ultra HD, you can go back at any time by going to the channel showing the event in HD or by going to the Ultra HD tab in the Sports section of the Home screen.

How do I navigate away from Ultra HD?

To navigate away from Ultra HD, just press channel up or down on your remote to go back to the last channel you were viewing or type in the number of the channel you want to watch.

What happens if I rent something in Ultra HD but I’m not set up?

You’ll only be charged once you start watching your rental. If you’ve not set up Ultra HD, you won’t be able to begin watching and so won’t be charged.

I can’t see a difference between HD and Ultra HD?

You get the best from Ultra HD by being closer to the screen than you would for HD. It works best on big TV screens, usually of at least 55 inches.

Will the Ultra HD shows be available for Sky+ customers?

Sky+ boxes aren’t compatible with Ultra HD. You’ll need to have a Sky Q 2TB box and the Sky Q Multiscreen subscription to watch sports events, TV shows or movies in Ultra HD.

What’s the benefit of 10-bit colour?

Watching Ultra HD in 10-bit colour will give you the best viewing experience, with smoother colour gradients. When setting up Ultra HD, you’ll be given the option between 8-bit colour, 10-bit colour or if you’re not sure which is best, your TV will find it for you.

Will Sky Q support HDR?

We’re currently working to further enhance the viewing experience with the launch of HDR, giving you the most stunning definition and clarity available if you have a 4K TV.

Will I be able to watch YouTube in 4K/Ultra HD?

No, the Sky Q 2TB box isn’t able to support YouTube in Ultra HD.

Here's the legal bit

Ultra HD only available to customers with a Sky Q 2TB box and Multiscreen subscription (£12pm). UHD content depends on Sky TV subscription. UHD TV required. Not available on Sky Q Mini boxes or Sky Q 1TB box. Sky Sports and Sky Cinema required to watch sports and movies in Ultra HD.

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