Watching and setting up Sky Q in HDR

Not happy with just Ultra HD? No worries – you can now watch Sky Q in stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR).

HDR improves the colour and contrast of your picture, so colours look even more vibrant, and you’re able to see more detail in dark images.

To watch Sky Q in HDR, you need:

  • An HDR-capable Sky Q box. Not sure if your box supports UHD and HDR? Check which box you have here.
  • The HD and Ultra HD add-ons, or a Sky Q experience (Sky Q Multiscreen in ROI) subscription.
  • An HDR-capable TV that supports HDR (HLG format) and has this setting switched on. Sky Q doesn’t support HDR10 content.
  • The Picture resolution setting on your Sky Q box set to “2160p UHD” and “10-bit”.

Watching shows in HDR

It’s never been easier to find HDR content. All HDR capable on demand content is now signposted with a “HDR” icon.

You can also watch the following in HDR:

  • Sky Sports live events on Sky Sports Main Event Ultra HD
  • Some Sky Nature shows
  • A selection of Sky Originals
  • A selection of blockbuster movies
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime

You don’t need to do anything special to watch in HDR. As long as your box is set up for UHD (10-bit) and your TV has the HDR setting switched on (check your TV’s manual or manufacturer’s website for help doing this), available shows and movies will automatically play in HDR.

Not sure if your box is set up for Ultra HD? Follow our Setting up Ultra HD guide for more help.

Good to know
  • Your Sky Q box will automatically detect if you have HDR setup and will show you content in HDR where available
  • If you’re watching an HDR show but don’t have an HDR-capable box or TV, the programme will automatically be converted so that you have the best viewing experience for your setup (for example, normal UHD)
  • When you start or stop watching an HDR show, your screen might appear duller or flicker for a few seconds if you have an older TV – don’t worry, it will return to normal quickly. If it doesn’t, try changing channels.
  • If you have a Samsung TV, your screen might flash when you try to watch in HDR. You can fix this by returning to Sky Q Home, and then trying to watch in HDR again. If you’re still having problems, you’ll need to contact Samsung for more help.

Watching Sky Q TV apps in HDR

Watching Disney+ in HDR

All you need to watch Disney+ in HDR is a Disney+ subscription, an HDR-capable Sky Q box, and an HDR-capable TV. You can see if a Disney+ show or movie is available in HDR by checking the synopsis.

Watching Netflix in HDR

To watch Netflix in HDR, you either need the Ultimate TV and Ultra HD add-ons, or a Netflix Premium plan. You’ll also need an HDR-capable Sky Q box and an HDR-capable TV.

For more help with Disney+, Netflix, or any of our other Sky Q TV apps, go to: