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Viewing Sky TV

Watch Sky in different rooms

You can watch Sky TV in different rooms with Sky Multiscreen or a tvLink:

  • Sky Multiscreen

    With Sky Multiscreen:

    • You can watch different Sky channels on different TVs at the same time. All the channels you subscribe to are available on all Sky boxes, and you can have four Sky+HD boxes or eight Sky Multiscreen boxes running from the same dish.
    • Get Sky Go Extra at no added cost, and watch live TV or download on demand shows on up to four computers, mobiles or tablets (in line with your TV subscription).
    • Each Sky box has its own parental controls, so you can restrict viewing on one box without affecting the others. For more information, read our Set up parental controls on your TV article.

    What do I need for Sky Multiscreen?

    To enjoy Sky Multiscreen, each TV in your house needs its own Sky box and they must all be connected to the same phone line, unless you activated your viewing card after 17 December 2013, in which case no phone line connection is needed. However, make sure your boxes are connected to your broadband network where possible.

    Sky Store and Sky Box Office

    Sky Store rentals and Sky Box Office events can only be viewed on the Sky box on which they were ordered. If you wish to view them on another Sky box, you’d need to order and pay for them again on that other box.

    Sky Viewing Card

    If you want to use an old viewing card you already have for a new Sky Multiscreen box, you’ll need to activate the viewing card again. For more information, follow our Sky viewing card guide.

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  • tvLINK