Voice control on Sky Glass

Use your voice to find TV shows, channels, apps and more on your Sky Glass.

Just press and hold the voice button on your Sky remote and speak clearly into the microphone below the Sky logo. Release the button when you’ve finished speaking.

Hands-free voice control

Sky Glass comes with a remote. But you don’t need a remote, as hands-free voice control comes built into your Sky Glass TV. Just use your voice to find and watch.

Say “Hello Sky, [and say what you want to do]’.

Here are some examples:

Say “Hello Sky….

  • … go to TV guide”
  • …open Netflix”
  • …turn on subtitles”
  • …fast forward 30 seconds”
  • …pause”
  • …set volume to 30”
  • …switch to HDMI 2” – this switches to another connected device, like your games console.
  • ….goodnight” – this turns your Sky Glass TV off.
  • "...Play" – when you see the Play icon in the menu, say "Hello Sky, Play" to start playing a show or movie in full screen.

Hands-free voice control is only available on Sky Glass with a Sky Ultimate TV subscription. For Sky Stream pucks, you can press and hold the voice button and speak into the microphone at the top of your Sky remote instead.

Voice control is only available with a Sky TV subscription. You need to be within four metres of your TV.