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Using the Mini Guide

If you're watching live TV, bring up the Mini Guide to find out what's on now and later. When watching TV on demand, you can use the Mini Guide to browse and download other shows or movies.

And you can do all this without interrupting your viewing.

  • During live TV

    Press the touchpad or select when watching live TV to see details of the show you're watching.

    Scroll right to see what's on later. Scroll up and down or enter a channel number for information about programmes on another channel, including a live preview of what's currently on. 

    For quick access to your Favourites or HD specific channels, scroll left when in the Mini Guide and select from the menu options. When you then scroll right, you can navigate through the channel list and press select to change channel. 

    PIN-protected shows will have a padlock next to their name.

  • Record a show while watching live TV

    To record the show you're currently watching, press on your Sky Q remote.

    If the show’s part of a series, the "Record series" icon will appear and all episodes will be recorded, including future series when available. Press again if you only want to record that episode.

    To record a show that’s on later or on a different channel, bring up the Mini Guide first, find the show you want to record, and press

  • For TV on demand

    Press the touchpad or Select while watching an episode of a series you've downloaded to see other episodes in the series.

    Scroll left or right to browse episodes and select one to start downloading it.

    If you're watching a downloaded movie, bringing up the Mini Guide will show you similar movies available to download.

  • Bring up your last viewed channel

    Swipe right on your Sky Q remote while watching TV to bring up your last viewed channel and press select to return to it.

    Only a channel you've watched for over 15 seconds will appear.

    Please note: Adult channels won't appear.

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