Using your Sky Q remote

Whether you have the Sky Q Touch remote, Sky Q remote with Voice Control, or a Sky Q Accessibility remote, your remote has been specially designed to make navigating around your Sky Q box easy.

Here's a handy guide to using your remote:

If you need help setting up or fixing a problem with your Sky Q remote, please visit our diagnostic steps

Turning your box off and on

You can use the standby button to turn your Sky Q box in and out of standby. If you’ve set up HDMI control, you can also hold down your standby button for 3 seconds to turn your TV into standby too.

Find my remote

Sick of losing your remote down the back of the sofa? So are we. That’s why our Sky Q touch remotes have a handy Find my remote feature to stop you turning your house upside down when you’ve lost it.

Press the Q button on the front of your Sky Q box and after a few seconds a paired Sky Q touch/Sky Q remote with Voice Control will beep for 30 seconds.

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Once you've found it, press any button on your remote to stop the beeping.

Key Information

Sorry: Find My Remote doesn't work with the Sky Q Mini box, just the main Sky Q box.

Your buttons explained

You can use the buttons on your Sky Q remote to access your TV guide, open the sidebar apps, pause, play, rewind or fast-forward live TV or recordings, change your volume, or record a programme.

Want to know more about the buttons on your remote? Check out our detailed breakdown for each remote.

Using the red button when watching sport

Key Information

You'll need an active broadband connection to use the Sky Sports red button.

Some sports matches have extra interactive features that you can access by pressing the red button when it appears on screen, including:

  • Select other matches, watch video highlights or view current scores, depending on the sport.
  • If you've missed the start of a live Sky Sports Premier League match, select Watch from start to watch it from the beginning. Use the progress bar to find key moments in the game.
  • On F1, you can switch between alternative camera views.

To avoid an overlap of sound when watching highlights, audio will play from whichever event you’ve selected and you can switch the sound between the live event and clip. If you decide you only want to watch one event, press select again and it’ll stretch to full screen.

You can close the interactive content at any time by pressing Dismiss.