Using Favourites on Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream

Quickly find your most watched channels by adding up to 99 of them to your Favourites. Find out how by reading the information below.

Set up and manage Favourites

Accessing your Favourites

To easily find your Favourites, you can browse the ‘What’s on now and next’ rail (which shows you what’s on now and what’s coming up on the channels you’ve selected to be your favourites) in Home or go to the TV Guide and select Favourites.

For quick access when watching TV, enter its number on your Sky remote, e.g. press 1 to access the first channel in the list.

You can also access your Favourites in the Mini Guide. Press Select to bring up the Mini Guide, then press left, select Favourites, and choose the channel you’re looking for. Or if you’re in the TV Guide, scroll to Favourites and select from your list.