Updating Sky Q 1TB and 2TB boxes

Before updating the software on your Sky Q box, make sure it has a signal.

From your home screen, go to Settings, then select Status and make sure Satellite signal has a tick.

Check signal on Sky Q

  1. Go to Settings, then System Info and highlight Software version.
  2. Choose Setup and then select Software download.
  3. Your box will start to download the latest software. This can take up to 10 minutes.
  4. To check the status of the software download, go to Settings, then System info and highlight Software version.
  5. When it says "Software update successful" press the Standby button on your remote.
  6. When your box restarts, follow the on screen messages. You'll then be on the latest software version.

Go to the next step to update your Sky Q mini box.

Your Sky Q Mini box will update automatically when the Sky Q main box does, but it needs to be connected to your main box to be able to receive the update.

If it doesn't do it automatically, you can update the Mini box manually. The instructions to do this are the same as for the main Q box, which can be found on the last step.

If you're seeing any connectivity error messages on the Sky Q mini box during live TV viewing, you will not be able to update the box with the latest software version.

To fix this issue, visit our connectivity flow.