Sky WiFi Max

Add this to one of our Superfast 35, Superfast, Full Fibre 100, Ultrafast, Ultrafast Plus or Gigafast broadband packages to get:

  • Powerful WiFi in every corner of your home, or money back.
  • Parental controls to take charge of your home WiFi.
  • Advanced Security for safer browser - Keep everyone safer than ever online.
  • Engineer visits at a time that suits you, even evening and weekends, at no extra cost.
  • Got Sky Mobile? 2GB in your Sky Mobile Piggybank when there’s a broadband outage.

Want to get Sky WiFi Max?

Upgrade your broadband package and add Sky WiFi Max today.

Sky WiFi Max isn’t available to everyone just yet. Watch this space or check out Sky Broadband Boost instead.

Find out more about the features:

WiFi in every corner of your home, or money back

We’ll guarantee you can get WiFi in every room, or we’ll give you your money back.

We’ll guarantee you get:

  • 10Mb/s in every room if you have Sky Broadband Superfast 35, Superfast or Full Fibre 100.
  • 25Mb/s in every room if you have Sky Broadband Ultrafast, Ultrafast Plus or Gigafast.

If you don’t, we’ll check the setup in your home to improve it. And might send you a Sky Max Pod or a or book an engineer visit.

See Enhanced Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee for more info.

Engineer visits at a time that suits you

Need a Broadband Tech Team visit? We’ll waive the £15 charge if you need to book an evening or weekend appointment.

Whether you book your appointment online or through an advisor, the discount will automatically be applied so you don’t have to do anything.

Parental controls

Manage all your connected devices with the tap of a button in the My Sky app.

  • Schedule bedtime, lunchtime, or homework breaks for your family.
  • Quickly pause internet on devices in your profiles.
  • Easily manage all devices in a profile – from anywhere at any time.

See Sky WiFi Max parental controls for more info.

Security alerts and monitoring with Advanced Security

Advanced Security is designed to provide an extra layer of protection from cyber threats. After you’ve activated it in the My Sky app, it:

  • Blocks risky malware and phishing sites to prevent anyone visiting these accidentally.
  • Monitors devices connected to your Sky Broadband in real time to detect any risky behaviour.

We’ll show you any security alerts we find and what to do in the My Sky app.

Not activated it yet? Tap Advanced Security in the app to get started.

Mobile data for outages

Have Sky Mobile? This one’s just for you. If not, join Sky Mobile to benefit from this too. 2GB of data will be added to your Sky Piggybank automatically if your broadband has an outage that:

  • Wasn’t planned
  • Lasts more than 30 minutes
  • Is between 7am and 11pm

Not got your data? It can take up to 24 hours to be added to your Sky Piggybank. We’ll send you a text to tell you it’s added but check your Sky Piggybank.

You can get up to three data credits in a month or 18 credits in 18 months.