Your brand new Sky Q voice remote from Sky VIP

Sky Q remote with voice control, with the voice button highlighted

Thanks for redeeming your free Sky Q voice remote from Sky VIP. Finding the shows and movies you love has never been easier.

Good to know

Your Sky Q remote needs to be paired to your Sky Q box, and your Sky Q box needs to be connected to the internet for voice control to work.

Before pairing your new voice remote, disconnect any existing remotes. Hold down 7 and 9 on your old remote until its light flashes 4 times.

With Voice Control you can:

  • Search for a specific show, actor, movie or sporting event ("Game of Thrones" or "Tom Hanks")
  • Find a movie by using a famous quote from the film ("May the Force be with you")
  • Change channels ("Go to Sky One")
  • Play recordings and downloads ("Play Chernobyl")
  • Play, pause, rewind, or fast-forward ("Skip 20 minutes")
  • Launch apps ("Open Netflix)
  • Change accessibility settings ("Turn on Subtitles")

Want to know more? Check out the full list of voice commands.

Top tip

Say "Sky VIP" into your new remote to learn more about the rewards waiting for you.

Using Voice Control is easy:

  1. Hold the Sky remote in front of you.
  2. Press and hold the voice button and speak into the microphone (just below the sky button).
  3. Let go of the voice button when you’re done, and your Sky Q box will then process your request.

Need more help with Voice Control? Using text search and voice control on your Sky Q box will help you find the shows and movies you love, and our Sky Q remotes guide will help you set up, use, and fix any problems with your new remote.