Sky Q Hub and audio interference on powered speakers

Some powered audio speakers are susceptible to sound interference when your Sky Q Hub is in use.

This is rare and easy to fix. If you experience this:

  • Try using a ferrite clip on the speakers’ power cable. Don’t attach the ferrite clip to your Sky Q Hub.


  • Try plugging the speakers into a filtered power socket or extension block.

For best performance, we recommend you plug your Sky Q Hub directly into a power socket, rather than an extension block.

What is a ferrite clip?

A ferrite clip is a special block you can fit to a wire to help insulate it from electromagnetic interference generated by appliances and electronic items around your home.

They’re similar to the cylindrical blocks you may have noticed attached to USB plugs connected to your computer. Electromagnetic interference can get in the way of data transfer.

You can purchase ferrite clips from popular high street and online electrical goods stores.

A ferrite block attached to a USB cable:

Ferrite block at the end of USB cable

What is a filtered power socket?

Filtered power sockets can help insulate your audio and video equipment from radio wave interference coming from electronic devices and appliances. This interference can affect both picture and sound quality.

Filtered power sockets and extension blocks are also available online and from the high street.

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