Using the Sky+ App to control your Sky box

Important info - The Sky+ app is no longer supported

If you have the Sky+ app you can still use it, but there won't be any updates or fixes. The app is no longer available to download, but if you've had it before you can re-install it.

See the Sky+ app guide or the How to redownload the Sky+ app article.

Finding what to watch on telly when you’re visually impaired can be difficult, but you can use the Sky+ mobile app to make navigating your Sky box quick and easy.

If you find it easier to use your mobile phone than a remote control because of a physical disability, you might also prefer to use the Sky+ app to control your Sky box.

The Sky+ app is available on both iOS and Android and is fully accessible with the VoiceOver and TalkBack screen readers.

Connect to the box

To get the most out of the Sky+ app, connect it to your Sky box:

  1. Make sure you’re connected to the same WiFi network as your Sky box
  2. Download and install the Sky+ app to your device
  3. Open the app and select the Help & Settings button in the top-left of the home screen
  4. Under the Settings heading, select Connect to Sky+HD box
  5. On the next screen, make sure the option is switched on, then select the box you want to connect to

For more information about the Sky+ app, including how to install, use, and fix problems with the app, read our Sky+ app guide. Or, keep reading for a detailed breakdown of how to navigate the Sky+ app.

Navigating the TV guide

The TV Guide tile can be found about half-way down the home screen on the left-hand side. Select this to browse all of the channels in your subscription.

At the top of the screen, you’ll find a Home button and a Search option. Then, you’ll find a series of tabs where you can filter the TV Guide by categories, including All Channels, Entertainment, Movies, and Sport.

The guide itself takes up the majority of the screen, and is displayed in two columns:

  • To the left, you will find a button with the channel number and channel name. Selecting this will change the channel on your TV.
  • To the right, you will see what’s on now and next on the channel. Select this to open the full guide for that channel as a list. There, you can select a programme to display its full programme information and record it, or use the button at the bottom of the screen to change the day being shown.

Navigating On Demand

From the app’s home screen, you can browse On Demand content using the Catch Up TV, Sky Box Sets, Kids and Sky Cinema tiles. Within these sections you can also choose to download shows and movies to your box.

Key Information

You’ll see all available shows and movies in the On Demand sections of the Sky+ app, but you’ll only be able to watch and download shows that are included in your subscription.

Navigating the Planner

Select the Planner tile on the app’s home screen to see all your recordings and downloads. From there, you can watch a recording or download on your TV, or delete it from your box altogether.