Sky Mobile Fair Usage Policy

Your use of Sky Mobile services​

At Sky Mobile, we have policies in place to make sure that our products and services are being enjoyed fairly as a consumer and that no one is using them excessively.

If we reasonably believe that you, or anyone using your SIM card, are using the Sky Mobile services in a way that's not permitted then we may restrict your data usage. We may notify you if we find your usage breaches our Fair Usage Policy, and if you continue to breach the policy limits, we may introduce fair usage restrictions, as detailed below.

Sky Mobile services are subject to our Fair Usage Policy and your use of the relevant service must be what we reasonably expect of a reasonable consumer using that service. If we restrict your usage, you'll be unable to use the relevant service for up to 12 months. We may agree to reinstate the service if you pay an administration fee. We’ll tell you what the charge will be at the time.

We expect this to impact a very small percentage of our customers, therefore reasonable use of our service should not be affected. 

Fair usage limits and restrictions

There are three separate fair usage limits. If you breach a limit, fair usage restrictions will apply.

Service:Fair usage limit breached for...Fair usage restriction...
Sky Mobile Watch (watching Sky apps)Mobile data usage when watching any Sky appsYou won't be able to watch videos on Sky apps, including Sky Go, over mobile data. You'll only be able to watch when connected to WiFi.
Roaming Passport PlusMobile data usage per month and/or roaming abroad for an extended period of timeYou won't be able to buy any more Roaming Passport Plus 24 hour passes.*
Roaming in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of IrelandMobile data usage per month and/or roaming abroad for an extended period of time.You won't be able to use mobile data while roaming in these destinations*

*You'll still be able to make emergency calls.

When restricted, you’ll need to use WiFi, where possible.

Fair usage guidance

To help you stay within our Fair Usage Policy, we recommend that you:

  • Use WiFi when using the Sky Go app, other Sky apps and while roaming outside the UK, where possible.
  • If you're going to be roaming for an extended period of time when outside the UK, consider buying a local mobile plan within that country.

To discuss this further, get in touch with us or you can review the Sky Mobile Terms and Conditions.