Sky Mobile Fair Usage Policy

Your use of Sky Mobile services​

At Sky Mobile, we have policies in place to make sure that our products and services are being enjoyed by all legitimately as a consumer and that no one is using them excessively.

If we reasonably believe that you, or anyone using your SIM card, are using the Sky Mobile services in a way that is not permitted then we may suspend your services. We may contact you to discuss and if we find your usage breaches our terms we can restrict or end your service or end your contract. If we decide that your usage is acceptable we will reinstate your services and give you a pro-rate refund for any monthly charges for the time your services were suspended. For example, if you are using the services fraudulently or in connection with a criminal offence.

If your Sky Mobile services are subject to a fair use policy then your use of the relevant service must not exceed the amount that we reasonably expect of a reasonable consumer using that service. If your usage does exceed the fair use policy we will contact you to let you know and we may suspend, restrict or end your ability to use that service or charge you for the excess usage. We may agree to reinstate the service subject to you paying a reasonable administration fee which we will tell at that time what the charge will be. We expect this to impact a very small percentage of our customers, so your usage has to be very high for us to take this action.