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Sky credit builder

  • If you’re not eligible to buy a Sky Mobile phone with a credit agreement, Sky credit builder may help.
  • Sky credit builder lets you build up a payment history with Sky Mobile over six months, and this is taken into consideration if you re-apply to buy a phone with a credit agreement.
  • This is available if you’ve got a SIM only plan and applies to monthly payments made after the 15 May 2017.

How it works

  • To build up your payment history with Sky Mobile, you need to buy a SIM only plan and pay your monthly payments, on time, in full for a minimum of six consecutive months.
  • After the six months, you can re-apply to buy selected phones with a credit agreement. For the list of available phones, see ‘Which phone can I get?’ below.
  • We’ll carry out our usual credit, fraud and identity checks but we’ll also take your credit builder payment history into consideration.
  • Please note: We can’t guarantee that you’ll be accepted to buy a phone with a credit agreement based on your credit builder payment history, but it should help.