Our Sky Broadband Connect Network Management Policy

Sky Broadband Connect is subject to a Network Management (or Fair Usage) Policy, so that we’re providing a fair and sustainable broadband service for all our Sky Broadband Connect customers.

Please note: The Network Management Policy only applies to Sky Broadband Connect and doesn't apply to any other Sky Broadband products.

If you’re a Sky Broadband Connect customer, you may experience slower online speeds at peak times because bandwidth is shared equally among all Sky Broadband Connect customers. Peak times, usually 5pm to midnight each day and all day at weekends, are the busiest times when the highest number of Connect customers are online at the same time. However, the network can be busy at other times too, depending on regional, national and international demand. 

You'll especially notice this if you’re using applications that require a lot of bandwidth or you’re streaming video, particularly in HD.

When fewer Sky Broadband Connect customers are online at the same time there’s more bandwidth to share around, so the length of time it takes to do online activities is less.

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