Sky Broadband Buddy

Sky Broadband Buddy

We’re removing Sky Broadband Buddy on 10 April

From 10 April, you’ll be signed out of Sky Broadband Buddy and won’t be able to use it to manage devices. You don’t need to do anything, it’ll happen automatically.

Tip: Turn your hub off and on again on the 11 April and uninstall the app from your phones and tablets.

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You can still use Sky Broadband Buddy like normal until 10 April.

Sky Broadband Buddy lets you manage each screen in your home from an app on your phone or tablet. It’s like a remote for the internet with loads of great features.

Sky Broadband Buddy is only available to customers who downloaded and setup the app before 24 May 2022. But it will no longer be available from 10 April 2023.

To use Sky Broadband Buddy, you'll need:

  • A compatible Apple or Android phone or tablet to download the app. It needs iOS 12 or later, or Android 6.0 or later.
  • Your Sky iD.

Sky Broadband Buddy is supported by Internet Matters.