Sky Broadband & Talk new line installs

When you order Sky Broadband & Talk, if you don’t have a suitable phone line, we'll have booked an engineer to install your broadband. But if you already have a suitable phone line, we’ll activate you remotely instead.

Not sure how you're being activated? Sign in to Track my order and you’ll see an Activation date if we’re activating you remotely, or an engineer visit date if not.

Go to Sky Broadband & Talk remote activation for more info if we’re activating you remotely.

Keeping you safe during your visit – Covid-19 guidelines

We continue to adapt to help our customers as best and safely as possible in line with government Covid-19 guidelines. To make sure it is safe for the visit to go ahead:

  • Make sure there's a clear pathway for the engineer to access where he needs.
  • During the visit you'll need to make sure:
    • You can keep a safe distance of two metres from the engineer at all times.
    • There's good ventilation by opening windows and doors.
  • The Openreach engineer will wear a face mask to keep both them and you safe. It’s only a precaution and nothing to be alarmed about.

When to reschedule your visit

You'll need to get in touch to reschedule your visit if you or someone in your household:

  • has any of the Covid-19 symptoms
  • is self-isolating or has been recently diagnosed with Covid-19
  • is waiting for a Covid-19 test result
  • has recently returned from a country on the quarantine list

Before your visit

Live in a flat or apartment? Phone lines in your building are linked to a telephone distribution point. Make sure your engineer can access it on the day. Ask your neighbours, landlord or building manager if you're not sure where it is - it might be locked away or somewhere hard to reach.

Renting? Make sure you have any permission that’s needed from your landlord before you visit.

On the day of your visit

An Openreach engineer will visit your home within the confirmed time slot we’ve given you to install the new line.

Someone over the age 18 (who can approve any work needed) will need to be home for the appointment slot as well as few hours after, in case you’re the engineer arrives towards the end of the slot.

Not home yourself? Try to keep your mobile free in case they need to call you.

What will the engineer do

They’ll need to do some work inside and outside your home, and when it’s installed, they’ll need to test your line to make sure it’s working. It usually takes about an hour or two.

Every installation's different, but your engineer:

  • Will discuss and agree with you where your new master socket or Optical Network Terminal (ONT) should go. An ONT needs to be near a power socket.
    • Tip: If you know where your socket or ONT needs to be placed, it can save time if you clear this space before the visit.
  • Will need to bring cables into your home to install the new socket or ONT – so will need to drill a small hole.
  • Might need to do some digging around your property if your cable runs underground instead of overhead. But don’t worry, it’ll be put back when they’re done.
  • Might need to drill one to two small holes (about a cm) in your home to secure their ladder using the Tetra system if they need to work at height to connect your cabling – it’s a safety requirement. They’ll fill any holes with silicone sealant when they’re done.

Every installation's different, but the engineer will talk to you about any digging or drilling that’s needed to secure their ladder to make sure you’re happy first.

Tracking your order

Sign in to Track your order - you’ll need to create a Sky iD if you haven’t already. Or get help if you’re having trouble signing in.

It’s easy to follow every step of your order online. You can check:

  • Your activation date or engineer install date.
  • What packages you’ve ordered
  • Your phone number.
  • When your hub will be delivered (if we’re sending you a new hub)

Setting up your broadband

Depending on your package, the Openreach engineer might set up your hub as part of your install. But if not setup your Sky hub in your new socket or Optical Network Terminal when they go.

Some of our packages now come with Internet Calls, so your setup might have changed. Don’t forget to check the setup guide that comes with your hub or go to Setting up your Sky hub.

What you need to know about Internet Calls