Sky Products and Acessories Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Conditions”) are between you and Sky UK Ltd (“Sky”), who is responsible for providing you with any products and/or accessories from Sky. Sky is registered in England and Wales under registered number 02906991 and has its registered office at Grant Way, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5QD.

Sale of Products and Accessories

These are the Conditions that apply when you purchase any products and or accessories from Sky, (referred to collectively in these terms as “Product(s)”). You own the Products once you have paid for them and they are delivered to you. These terms do not apply to services provided by Sky such as Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Mobile which are subject to their own terms and conditions.

For the avoidance of doubt, any reference to Products in these terms shall include Sky Glass, unless otherwise stated.

If you are purchasing Sky Glass, you must have a valid email address, and a My Sky online customer account for as long as your product is registered with Sky to be able to use all the features of it. If you do not link your My Sky online customer account to the Sky Glass then you will only be able to use the HDMI connection, and view live channels while disconnected from broadband and connected to a working TV aerial.

Certain functionality and features of some Products are only available if you also have the relevant Sky TV service subscription.

Supply of Products

Unless agreed otherwise, your Products will be sent to you using a ‘signed for’ delivery. Someone will need to be available at your home address on the day of delivery authorised by you to receive the delivery.

Where you have ordered a Sky Glass and/or a Sky Stream puck, if we are unable to deliver because there is no-one available to sign for delivery, then we will contact you to make another delivery and if you do not rearrange this within 7 days, we will cancel your order and may charge you any costs we have incurred in attending your property (up to but not exceeding the full amount you may have paid for delivery). In some cases we may be unable to complete the delivery of goods such as if they are damaged in transit or we suspect fraud. In these cases we will contact you to rearrange the delivery arrangements. You may also be required to repeat some stages of the purchase journey.

Prices and payments

The total cost of your order for Products will be the price of the Products you order, the delivery charge (if any), plus any additional charges. All costs will be displayed in your Shopping Basket before you submit an order.

Unless you have taken out a loan from us (under a consumer credit agreement) or we agree to add the charge to your next bill, you must pay for your chosen Products, including all delivery and additional charges (if any), in full when you place your order.

If you purchase a Sky Glass and do not activate or log into it within 14 days of it being delivered to you, we will automatically activate it. If you have taken a loan from us to pay for it, the date your Sky Glass is activated (by your or us) or you first log into it will be the date from which your monthly repayment will be calculated and repayment collections commence.

Install and activation

Unless otherwise agreed, all Products are self-install and you must follow the instructions included when the Products are delivered to you.

If you purchase Sky Glass, the following apply:

a) You must ensure the courier is able to safely access your address on the agreed delivery day; b) The surface where you wish to place your Product must be completely clear and have sufficient space for the Product to stand c) The courier will not switch on the Product or connect it to your home broadband. d) The courier cannot wall mount any Products for you.

Where we offer and you have paid for it, the courier can remove all equipment packaging when they leave and/or take your old TV for recycling. If you have chosen to have your old TV taken away, you will need to ensure you comply with the instructions which will be communicated to you during the sales process.

Software Updates

Where applicable, you agree we may automatically update the software in your Product for any of the reasons set out below provided that:

i) we reasonably consider that you are not materially disadvantaged by the update; and ii) energy consumption of your Products or any compatible device shall not deteriorate without your express consent at the time of such update.

If you do not allow software updates we may not be able to provide all or part of the TV services or you may be unable to benefit from improvements that we make to them.

We may update the software in your Product to help improve the security and operation of our technical infrastructure (for example, to prevent misuse of our platform), for valid legal or regulatory reasons, to enable us to continue to provide you with the goods or services in accordance with what we have agreed to provide or as otherwise agreed.

Returns/cancellations policy

Notice of your statutory right to cancel in the cooling off period:

Cancellation period: You have the right to cancel your order without giving any reason any time up to 14 days from the day after the delivery date (“cooling off period”). Sky may offer an enhanced cooling off period from time to time, which we will advise you of at the time of your purchase.

Effect of cancellation: If you cancel an order during your cooling off period, we will refund to you all payments received in connection with the order, including the cost of delivery, provided you chose and paid for the least expensive delivery option (if you chose a more expensive delivery option, we will refund you the amount you would have paid for the least expensive option available).

With the exception of Sky Glass or any Product you have paid for with a loan from Sky, if you cancel an order for a Product and it is returned damaged due to your handling beyond what is reasonably necessary to establish its nature, characteristics and functioning, we will deduct an amount from any refund to you to reflect the reduction in the value of the Product. This deduction will not be more than the total amount you have paid for the Product.

If you cancel an order for Sky Glass or a Product paid for with a loan from Sky, and it is returned damaged due to your handling beyond what is reasonably necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Product, we will charge you an amount to reflect the reduction in value of the Product. This amount will be charged to your final bill.

Where you cancel an order for your first Sky Glass, we will automatically cancel any related Sky TV Service.

Cancellation of any Sky Glass or any Product purchased with a loan from Sky will automatically cancel any related loan agreement.

How to cancel:

Any cancellation within your cooling off period must be in accordance with this notice. You can cancel your Sky order by:

  1. Calling 03442 41 44 14
  2. Writing to Sky Subscribers Services Limited, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 7DD;
  3. Visiting the “Help” section at and completing the online cancellation form; or
  4. Visiting the “Help” section at, searching for ‘Cancel Sky TV’ and then completing the online cancellation form.

You must give your name, customer account number, address, post code, telephone number and e-mail address to cancel your order. If you cancel in writing we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail.

Return of Products

If you cancel your order, you are responsible for returning the relevant Product, provided you use the returns method specified by Sky without undue delay.

You are responsible for the costs of returning the Products you have ordered and Sky may charge you for the direct returns costs if it offers a pre-paid returns option.

Sky can offset any returns costs against any money that it owes to you for any reason (including any refund due to you as a result of cancelling your order). You must keep Products that have been delivered to you safe until they are returned. We may make a deduction for any loss in value as a result of unnecessary handling by you.


We will make any refund due to you (less any deductions due to us) without undue delay and not later than the earlier of 14 days after the day we receive the Product(s) back from you or the date we receive evidence from you that the Products have been returned (such as a proof of receipt).

We will make the refund using the same means of payment that you used when you placed your order, unless you have agreed otherwise.

Missing  Products

If a Product from your order is missing, please contact Sky on 03442 41 44 14.

Faulty/ damaged Products

If a Product is faulty or damaged on delivery, we will arrange for the replacement or exchange of such Product(s) as requested. We do not cover faults caused by your accident, neglect, misuse, failure to follow our reasonable instructions or normal wear and tear. Please see the warranty section of these Conditions below for further detail.

Refunds for faulty Products include the applicable delivery charge you paid and you will not be charged for collection. Replacement goods are sent by the same delivery method as your original order.

Nothing in these terms affects your legal rights. If you need any advice on your legal rights you can refer to


A Sky Glass comes with a warranty against faults arising in the first 24 months starting from the date it is delivered to you. All other Products (including Sky Stream pucks but excluding Sky Glass Speaker fascia) have a 12 month warranty starting from the date they are delivered. The Sky Glass Speaker fascia has a 6 month warranty starting from the date it is delivered.

For all Products, we will warrant any repair or replacement until the later of the end of the original warranty period or 3 months from the date the repair was carried out or the replacement delivered.

The following are not covered by the warranty:

  • Faults arising from misuse, accidental or deliberate damage
  • Damage arising from use of equipment, software or cabling that is not supplied by or on behalf of Sky for use with the Product
  • Cosmetic damage which does not affect the functionality of the Product (such as scratches, dents, corrosion or colour)

Where applicable:

  • any image ghosting or screen burn (for example, this can appear on a screen that is left operating for a prolonged period with either a still image or a channel constantly displaying a logo)
  • pixel spots (tiny dark or bright spots that may become visible on screen)
  • picture quality affected by any of the following: a misaligned or unsuitable TV aerial, climatic conditions, geographical location, poor quality or low strength broadcast signal  
  • Consumables such as batteries, fuses, bulbs, etc
  • Data loss
  • Damage caused by events outside the reasonable control of Sky or our equipment suppliers
  • If the Product has been used commercially or for business purposes
  • Repair or attempted repair by persons who are not Sky authorised repairers


Sky is not liable under these Conditions for:

  • Any fault in your Product caused by you tampering with it, your negligence or your failure to follow our reasonable instructions or these Conditions;

  • Any delay or failure by us to deliver your Product caused by events outside of our reasonable control, such as but not limited to severe weather, epidemic, pandemic, civil disorder, terrorist activity, war and government action;

  • Any delay or failure by us to provide any feature of your Product, or any change in the functionality of your product caused by a change made by a manufacturer or provider of an operating system that is outside of our control;

  • Any damage to separate devices or content that belong to you where such damage would not have been caused if you had followed our reasonable instructions;

    Any loss or damage caused by us or our respective officers, employees or agents in circumstances where;

  • There is no breach of a contractual obligation or legal duty of care owed to you by us or any of our respective employees or agents;

  • Such loss or damage was not contemplated by both you and us at the time we entered into these Conditions;

  • Any loss or damage caused by us, our respective employees or agents to the extent that such loss or damage results from any breach by you of these Conditions, unless we or our employees or agents were in breach of a legal obligation or duty of care owed and that breach is the most significant cause of the loss of damage.

  • Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the Product, or any loss over and above the purchase price of the item

Sustainability/ Recycling

If you order a Sky Glass, we can take away your old Sky TV hardware (such as any Sky Q or HD boxes or Sky Q mini boxes) when we deliver your Sky Glass. Full details can be found at www’ (as updated from time to time).

Contact Information

In the event of any queries relating to your accessory or Products, please contact Sky on 03442 41 44 14.

In the event of any technical queries relating to third party products , please see contact details below:

  • LG Customer Support (UK) : 0344 847 5454
  • Samsung Customer Support (UK) : 0333 726 7864
  • Xbox Customer Support (UK) : 0800 587 1102